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How to Determine If You Need Therapy

Mental health is one of the major concerns of people worldwide. Due to fast-paced life and work pressure, stress and anxiety issues have become inevitable. To manage stress, you have to take timely measures to attain mental health stability. Therefore, you must know when it is the right time to seek professional therapy that can help you fix your mental health issues.

You can opt for group or individual therapy, depending on the severity of your mental health issues. Taking professional therapy helps you learn how you can deal with your issues. Therapy provides long-lasting benefits to people with mental health issues. It teaches people to identify symptoms on their own so they can seek therapy immediately. Let’s uncover how to determine if you need therapy without further delay.

  • You Are Unable to Quit Substance Use

One of the common reasons why people need therapy is to break the substance abuse cycle. If you also face substance abuse issues, it can negatively affect your mental health. It can also damage your professional and personal life as it will affect your productivity at work and family relationships.

In such a case, you must look for addiction therapy that will help you seek proper solutions under the supervision of experts. By having regular sessions with therapists, you will be able to figure out the root cause of your addiction.

Research studies have proved that people facing mental illness or depression usually take support from illegal substances. It helps them forget traumatic events temporarily, but in reality, it damages their physical and mental health. Also, by getting therapy, you will learn how you can surround yourself with positivity. It will help you get rid of negative thoughts, so you can maintain your composure and not fall into the trap of substance use again.

  • You Find it Hard to Be Happy

Another major sign that indicates you need therapy is facing constant depression and not staying happy anymore. Also, it should be a concern for you if you are no longer finding funny things funny. It indicates that you are facing severe depression that can make you lose interest in activities you once enjoyed.

It is important to understand that depression is a real illness that requires proper therapy. It starts to build gradually like a termite that can eat you up from inside, damaging your mental health majorly. It is not possible for individuals facing depression to simply snap out of it. You must get proper therapy that will help you figure out why you are having difficulty finding joy in life. It will help you learn what steps you have to take to break the cycle of depression.

  • You Have Physical Health Issues

Mental and physical health are interconnected, so issues like depression or anxiety can take a toll on your physical health. If you are facing constant headaches, insomnia, and stomachaches without any medical condition, then it could be due to stress.

You must take these messages seriously when your body starts sending them. You should know that if there is a medical cause for these issues, so you can consult a physician. But if you are continuously facing these physical symptoms, then it could be due to trauma or anxiety disorders.

You have to discuss everything with a therapist and let him know how long you have been facing these issues. Also, you should provide details of any unpleasant memory or experience that is bothering you. It will allow therapists to make the right suggestions accordingly.

  • You Have Faced a Traumatic Event

As mentioned above, it is important to share the details of any past traumatic event with a therapist that can help you attain mental health stability. It could be a car accident, loss of a loved one, domestic violence, or anything that is giving you mental fatigue or stress.

Don’t hesitate to share anything with therapists. They are trained professionals to keep their patients’ personal details, so you can share anything with them. It allows experts to recommend therapy for the trauma according to its severity. Also, it might not be easy for anyone to heal from the trauma alone. So, getting professional assistance is necessary. It will make you feel lighter once you share everything with a therapist and help you resolve the discomfort in your mind.

  • Your Family is Concerned for You

If your family members are concerned for you and telling you that you don’t seem well, then you need to take their advice seriously. People around you can usually tell when you are not in the right mental state.

They are the ones who spend the most time with you, so your actions and decision can tell a lot about your mental health. You must consider their honest opinion as it is a major indication that you might need therapy.

  • Your Personal Relationships are Not Good

One of the major signs that you need therapy is your unhealthy personal relationships. For example, if everyone has issues with you due to your anger or frustration, then something might be wrong.

As mentioned above, people around you are in the best position to tell if you are behaving differently or if you might be through something. Constant mood swings can affect your relationship with your parents, children, and spouse, which can make things worse for you.

You must listen to what your family members say about your actions and analyze why you are behaving like this. Eventually, it will help you understand that there might be an issue you need to deal with and that getting therapy can be a great solution to your problems. Discover the secret to pain-free living. Start your journey with Atlas Physical Therapy now!


Poor mental health is the root cause of many issues. It can negatively affect your personal and professional life too. Therefore, you need to look for any indicators like substance abuse, physical health, and family relationship issues and seek professional therapy immediately. Hopefully, this article will help you understand how to determine if you need therapy.

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