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Blonde Hair Owners’ Problems: Yellow Tone and Dry Hair

Blond hair has lower melanin and dark pigments, which absorb UV rays. Over time, natural or bleached blond hair may turn yellow, dry out, or become dull because of external or internal triggers. With conditioners for blond hair, you can reverse these issues.

Why Your Blond Hair Looks Bland

Hair conditioners have neutralizing power that reverts yellow into blond while moisturizing and protecting the hair from drying out. This post will highlight some known causes of yellow toning and drying in blond hair and perfect solutions.

Washing With Tap Water

Hard water contains a high mineral content and opens your hair cuticles, triggering yellowness and dryness in blond hair. Blond hair, natural or bleached, has high porosity because of its wider cuticle openings. As a result, the hair absorbs all the minerals and metals in tap water, which could trigger the formation of yellow tints.

Exposure to chlorine content while swimming also causes dryness and dullness in blond hair. Use cold distilled water free from chemical treatments to seal your cuticles, preserve your hair color, and supplement its shine and softness.

Styling Tools and Products

Chemical-infused aerosols, shampoos, hair sprays, conditioners, and waxes have a bad reputation for depositing yellow tints on your hair. Overheating the hair during treatments can also leave it dry and with yellowish tones. Heat protectant sprays defend against color fading and dryness caused by hot air styling tools.

Check out Hair Jazz’s purple hair conditioner for blond hair at It neutralizes yellow tones after shampooing, seals hair cuticles to prevent yellow tones, and moisturizes the hair to protect against dryness.

Exposure to UV Rays

UV rays have an expansive damaging effect on your blond hair. Sun damage speeds oxidation, causing your locks to lose shades and turn brassy and dry. To control the detrimental effect of UV rays, wear a scarf or carry an umbrella to safeguard your hair against color fading and yellowish tints.

If you’re a blond who prefers wearing UV protectants, apply the product every few hours. Look for naturally sourced serums with strong UV filters to protect against sun fading, heated tools, and high humidity.

Overusing Argan Oil

Argan oil is a popular hair care treatment today known for its powers of hydrating, repairing, smoothing, and conditioning your hair. Many hair care products contain argan oil. Although it has a proven track record, this oil can be dangerous if overused, especially on blond hair.

Argan-oil-infused products introduce a yellow crude coating to the hair, turning it yellow and brassy. You don’t want to apply a conditioning product only for it to make your beautiful blond color fade.

Deficiency of Quality Nutrients

From immune system and gut health to blood circulation and melanin production, a quality diet is a horsepower that drives your body. Lack of sufficient nutrients leaves the body unable to perform its operations, which ultimately affects gut health, the immune system, blood circulation, and melanin production. All these processes fuel your hair’s growth, sustainability, and health. If they fail, you’ll start noticing unfavorable symptoms such as gray and yellow deposits on your hair, dryness, hair loss, and other hair-related conditions.

To bail yourself out of such troubles, you must add the proper nutrients to your diet to support gut health, melanin production, blood circulation, and immune health.


Blond hair is costly and time-consuming to care for, so the least you can do is to keep it from anything that could trigger dryness, hair loss, and yellowish tints. To protect your blond hair, avoid using tap water, chemical-infused styling tools, and overusing argan oil. Lastly, make sure you get enough nutritious food!

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