Top Four Healthcare Careers for Second-Career Professionals

Healthcare is an excellent industry to choose when you want a thriving, growing sector to focus your second-career efforts. Though most roles you come across will require additional training in the form of a certificate, associate’s degree, or full degree, there are multiple options available for those who already have a degree so that you can finish the educational portion of your career switch sooner. Between accelerated routes to online programs, these are the top four healthcare careers that can be trained and prepared for in three years or less:

  • Registered Nurse 

Registered nurses provide the care portion of healthcare and are the backbone of their sector because of it. Though it can take around four years to become a nurse for those going into it as their first career, it can take far less for second-career professionals. For example, taking the full-time University of Indianapolis hybrid ABSN means completing the program in just 15 months. You’ll need to have certain prerequisites and already have a non-nursing-related degree, but if you fit this bill, then earning an ABSN can help you speed through your degree.


If you don’t have a degree or the prerequisites, it will take longer to earn the qualifications you need, even to apply to take the state exam. Still, with so many options, from part-time online to intensive full-time degrees, there will be an option for you.

  • Medical Administrative Assistant 

Administrative assistants ensure that the entire hospital or clinic runs smoothly. Not only are they in charge of keeping records in order and everything organized, but they’re also key communicators that liaison with patients, set appointments, direct visitors, and even manage medical charts. You don’t need a degree before you can start job hunting. Instead, you’ll need to earn a medical administrative assistant certificate.

This role is ideal if you’ve already worked in a secretary or assistant role and want to move into a new sector like healthcare, where your work will naturally mean more, simply because of the patients you are helping.

  • Health Information Technician 

One step up from a medical administrative assistant is the health information technician. In this role, you would manage records and work to facilitate the complete digitization of records. This role is essential in the transition and implementation of telehealth as a standard approach, so your role would be critical in healthcare. To become one, you first need to earn a health technician associate’s degree before starting job hunting. This option is great for those who are organized and want to transition their career into a role that will play a big part in the next phase of healthcare.

  • Radiologic Technologist 

Want to work with some of the most popularized medical equipment in the sector? You can work with physicians and patients to take X-Ray and CAT scans by becoming a radiologic technologist. Like the health information technician, you will also need to have the relevant associate’s degree before starting to job hunt.


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