What to Look for in a Weight Loss Center?

When looking for a weight loss center to get healthier, you can easily find an overwhelming amount of options online. With a simple Google search, you can find clinics near you and online. However, it is important to check if these clinics have the right credentials and if their practices are in line with what you believe.

Check for Certifications

Weight loss clinics should be run by medical staff. These staff members need to be certified obesity medicine specialists. Additionally, they should be licensed physicians who specialize in weight loss. If you want to check whether a doctor at a weight loss clinic is licensed, you can ask for their license number and verify with the state board.

Learn About the Programs They Offer

When looking into weight loss centers, it is important to check if their programs are in line with what you would like to do. For example, some weight loss centers will give you injections for weight loss, while others will help you change your lifestyle to a healthier one. It is also important to make sure that the weight loss program uses methods of weight loss that are backed by science, rather than one magic pill that has not been tested medically.

Check Reviews

If you find a weight loss center that seems to have everything you need, you should make sure that they treat their customers well. Therefore, you should also look into reviews of the weight loss clinic. By understanding what previous clients have experienced, you can get an idea of how you will be treated and whether or not it is worth the investment.

Best Weight Loss Center on the North Shore

Here are some of the best weight loss centers on the North Shore that can help you on your journey to becoming healthier.

Medi Weight Loss

Located in Wakefield, Medi’s physicians and trained staff work with the patient to develop a program that will help them lose weight and develop a healthier lifestyle. They also offer vitamin and nutrient injections, a corporate wellness program, preventative medicine, and an adolescent weight loss program.


Located in Newton, Awaken180 offers one-on-one weekly coaching sessions and helps you design the best program to fit your needs and goals. They also focus on long-term results, rather than sticking to fad diets that can make you fluctuate in weight.

Weight Loss Center of the North Shore

Located in Salem, the Weight Loss Center of the North Shore prides itself on having a life-friendly approach to weight loss. They focus on having an approach to weight loss that will still allow you to enjoy the good things of life. The weight loss center will first give a detailed orientation packet. You will partake in a comprehensive in-take visit that consists of a complete physical exam, body composition analysis, lab work, and orientation packet review. Once the center has all your information, you will get a plan that is specially tailored for you. You will get the first month free when you make a 6-month commitment to our program.


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