Hospice Care: Tips for Caregivers In Los Angeles

Hospice providers must be there for a patient receiving end-of-life care for their emotional and physical needs. They are present 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which can take a toll on a person. You can’t let go of your responsibilities toward your loved one, but you can figure out a few different ways to provide palliative care for them without exhausting yourself.

Following are some tips to help you manage caregiving responsibilities for hospice Los Angeles without losing yourself in the process:

Normalize the Relationship 

Take some time to normalize your relationship. Talking about anything other than your loved one’s illness must be normal in that relationship. It can be an old movie you watch together, going through an old photo album, or anything else that reminds you of the old days.

Maintain a Care Journal

Do not let the task of caregiving take over your life. Keep a journal of entries about medication, food, bathroom habits, pain levels, symptoms, etc.

Learn New Tasks

If it’s your first time taking care of someone for end-of-life care, you can learn certain tasks like transferring to bed or bed baths. At first, it will be challenging, but you can get help from a professional hospice worker to help you learn.

Prepare Yourself

Stay a few steps ahead of your patient’s needs so that you’re ready when they need you. Create a comfortable routine and prepare their meals or bath ahead of time.

Ask for Help

Don’t think that you are alone in this with a terminally ill person who depends on you. Rely on your family members and friends for help. In fact, do it to take a break from your everyday caregiving routine.

Talk to Someone at Hospice Home Care 

Want to learn more about hospice care, Los Angeles for your loved one? Get in touch with Hospice Home Care and let us help you provide the support your loved one needs. We can be the spiritual, emotional, and mental support that will get you and your loved one through the experience.

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