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Healthy Benefits Plus, a program run by HWP, enables you to get reimbursed for buying specific health and wellness products from retail partners.

Advantages of Your Humana Spending Account Card

Humana gives you extra perks so you can live life to the fullest. Making an online account and activating your card are the first steps in the procedure.

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Just for You

When prices would otherwise preclude it, members with access to the Healthy Meals Card advantage as part of their Humana plan can utilize the card to extend their monthly food and resources. The card can have a monthly allotment of $25 or $50 loaded onto it, depending on the membership package. There is no carryover of unused monies from one month to the next.

Shopping with your benefits is simple with Your Card Healthy Benefits+TM.The account balance can use to cover the cost of authorized food. The member may use the card just like a credit card.

Only a small sample of the tens of thousands of merchants that accept the card include CVS, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Walgreens, and Walmart. To find out which of Humana’s plans includes this service, visit

Check Your Benefit Balance

Your current balance will be shown at the top of the About page once you log in.

Buy something

Use the Store Finder to see where the finest bargains may be found.

The Healthy Foods Card: What Is It?

When faced with financial difficulties, members who have the Humana Healthy Foods Card as a benefit of their Humana plan can utilize it to increase their monthly food budget. The card will offer $25 and $50 monthly spending caps. There is no accumulation of the monthly allotment for use in later months.

How do members use cards?

  • The card is simple to use:
  • Go to a store that takes it after getting the card activated.
  • Purchasing wholesome, pre-approved goods.
  • Swipe your Healthy Foods Card at the register before paying for authorized products.

You may find out which of Humana’s plans provide this service by visiting

The account balance will be used to cover the cost of authorized food.

A second form of payment is necessary when purchasing prohibited items or when the total purchase price exceeds the card’s available balance. Call the number on the back of your card or visit online to check your Healthy Foods Card balance.

Members can get help from Humana Customer Care if they are having issues with their card, such as if it has been misplaced or stolen.

What can I purchase using my card?

You can use your advantages to buy various groceries and beverages. We’ve developed a list of permissible things to make supermarket shopping simpler.

  • Legumes such as lentils
  • Cans of fruits and vegetables and dairy products
  • freshly picked food
  • freshly made salad kits
  • Grocery and frozen foods
  • Consume many grain-based foods, such as bread, cereal, pasta, etc.
  • meat and seafood
  • Extra drinks and bars are frequently in a kitchen’s pantry.
  • Soups
  • water infused with vitamins and hydration

You cannot enter using alcohol, infant formula, sweets, chips, coffee shop items, desserts, freshly baked goods, drinks, smoking, or other non-food or pet-related items.

Check the Balance on Your Card

Instantly check the balance of your card without providing your log in details. Your card’s front and back each have a 16-digit card number and a three-digit security/CVV code.

How can I shop online using my benefits?

  • Choose Shop Now from the ordering options list on the About page.
  • You can add allowed items to your shopping cart by following.
  • Please review the goods in your shopping cart before clicking the Check Out button to finalize your order.
  • Either log in or continue as a Guest.
  • Pick-up in store or home delivery is an option.
  • You must provide the correct delivery address.
  • Go to the “Gift Card” payment option and input the 17-digit card number and 4-digit security code on the back of your Healthy Benefits+ card to make a purchase.
  • Any eligible items in your shopping basket will receive the discount once you click the “Apply for Gift Card” button.
  • Remember that you can only use your benefit balance to pay for eligible products; if you want to buy something that isn’t eligible, you’ll have to choose a different payment option.
  • How can I buy prepared meals and vegetable boxes with my benefits?
  • At Mom’s Meals, you may get pantry boxes, fresh produce, and prepared dinners.
  • Kindly carry out the order as instructed.
  • You’ll need your 4-digit security code and 17-digit account number to complete your transaction.

How can I shop in stores using my benefits?

Use the Healthy Benefits+ mobile app or the online store locator to find a place to buy anything that accepts Healthy Benefits+ nearby.The app’s product scanner can use in-store to check whether a particular item is redeemable.

Before making any other payment, have the cashier scan the barcode on your Healthy Benefits+ card or mobile app.

Your benefits will start to flow immediately.Remember that you can only purchase pre-approved products and beverages with your benefit money. It would help to choose a different payment option for non-contributory drinks and snacks.

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