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Experience Big Flavors on a 12 Inch Pizza | The Tasty Twelve

Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s the ultimate comfort food that satisfies our cravings and brings people together. Whether you’re dining with friends, having a family gathering, or enjoying a cozy night in, pizza always hits the spot. But have you ever tried a 12 inch pizza loaded with big, bold flavors? In this article, we’ll take you on a mouthwatering journey through the Tasty Twelve – a collection of twelve exceptional pizzas that will elevate your pizza experience to new heights. Get ready to indulge in a delightful combination of ingredients and flavors that will leave you craving for more.

  1. The Classic Margherita: A Timeless Delight

We kick off our Tasty Twelve with the timeless classic – the Margherita pizza. Its simplicity is its strength. Made with fresh basil, tangy tomato sauce, and creamy mozzarella cheese, this pizza offers a burst of flavors in every bite. The combination of these basic ingredients creates a harmony that has stood the test of time.

  1. Pepperoni Passion: A Meat Lover’s Dream

For those who crave the savory goodness of cured meat, the Pepperoni Passion pizza is a must-try. Each slice is generously topped with zesty pepperoni slices that crisp up in the oven, releasing their irresistible flavors. The gooey mozzarella cheese and tangy tomato sauce perfectly complement the spicy pepperoni, making this pizza a true meat lover’s dream.

  1. Veggie Medley: A Garden-Fresh Delight

If you prefer a lighter option packed with fresh vegetables, the Veggie Medley pizza is the way to go. This vibrant pie is adorned with a colorful array of vegetables like bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and juicy tomatoes. The combination of textures and flavors will make you feel like you’re taking a delightful stroll through a bountiful garden.

  1. BBQ Chicken Bliss: A Tangy Twist

For a tangy and tantalizing experience, the BBQ Chicken Bliss pizza is a must-try. Succulent pieces of grilled chicken are generously slathered in smoky barbecue sauce, complemented by a blend of melted cheeses and a hint of red onions. Each bite is a harmonious balance of sweet and savory flavors that will leave you craving more.

  1. Hawaiian Paradise: Sweet and Savory Harmony

The Hawaiian Paradise pizza offers a unique blend of flavors that has sparked debates and won the hearts of many. Topped with juicy pineapple, smoky ham, and a blend of cheeses, this pizza offers a delightful balance of sweetness and saltiness. If you’re a fan of this controversial combination, don’t miss out on this tropical treat.

  1. Meatball Mania: A Hearty Delight

Indulge in a pizza that’s packed with hearty goodness – the Meatball Mania. Juicy meatballs, smothered in rich tomato sauce, are nestled atop a bed of gooey cheese. The combination of tender meatballs, tangy sauce, and melted cheese creates a symphony of flavors that will satisfy even the most ravenous appetite.

  1. Garlic Supreme: A Flavor Explosion

If you’re a garlic lover, the Garlic Supreme pizza is a dream come true. This aromatic masterpiece is generously topped with roasted garlic, caramelized onions, and a medley of herbs. The pungent flavors of garlic are balanced by the sweetness of the onions, creating a pizza that’s bursting with bold and irresistible flavors.

  1. Spicy Mexicana: A Fiery Fiesta

For those who crave a little heat, the Spicy Mexicana pizza is the perfect choice. This fiery fiesta features zesty jalapeños, spicy chorizo, and a blend of Mexican-inspired spices. Topped with melted cheese and a drizzle of tangy salsa, each bite delivers a fiery kick that will awaken your taste buds.

  1. Mediterranean Delight: A Taste of the Mediterranean

Transport yourself to the shores of the Mediterranean with the Mediterranean Delight pizza. This flavorful creation combines the richness of feta cheese, the brininess of Kalamata olives, and the freshness of sun-dried tomatoes. With each bite, you’ll experience the vibrant and diverse flavors of the Mediterranean.

  1. Four Cheese Extravaganza: A Cheese Lover’s Paradise

If you’re a cheese connoisseur, the Four Cheese Extravaganza pizza is a match made in heaven. This indulgent delight features a melange of four cheeses – mozzarella, cheddar, gorgonzola, and Parmesan. The result is a creamy, gooey, and utterly irresistible pizza that will have you reaching for seconds.

  1. Truffle Delight: A Decadent Experience

For a truly indulgent experience, the Truffle Delight pizza is a must-try. This luxurious pie is adorned with aromatic truffle oil, earthy mushrooms, and creamy burrata cheese. Each bite is a symphony of flavors that will transport you to a world of culinary delight.

  1. Dessert Delight: A Sweet Finale

We wrap up our Tasty Twelve with a sweet finale – the Dessert Delight pizza. This unconventional creation transforms the traditional pizza into a delectable dessert. Topped with luscious Nutella, fresh fruits, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar, this pizza is a delightful combination of sweetness and creativity.


Q1: Can I customize the toppings on the Tasty Twelve pizzas? A: Absolutely! The Tasty Twelve pizzas are a canvas for your culinary imagination. Feel free to customize the toppings to suit your preferences and create your own flavor combinations.

Q2: Are the Tasty Twelve pizzas available for delivery? A: The availability of the Tasty Twelve pizzas may vary depending on the pizzeria or restaurant. We recommend checking with your local pizza establishments to see if they offer these delicious creations.

Q3: Are there vegetarian options in the Tasty Twelve selection? A: Yes, there are vegetarian options in the Tasty Twelve collection. The Veggie Medley pizza and the Four Cheese Extravaganza are delightful choices for vegetarian pizza lovers.

Q4: Can I order half-and-half combinations of the Tasty Twelve pizzas? A: It depends on the pizzeria’s policies. Some establishments may offer the option to have half of your pizza with one flavor and the other half with a different flavor. Check with the pizzeria to see if they can accommodate your request.

Q5: Are the Tasty Twelve pizzas available in gluten-free options? A: Gluten-free options may be available for some of the Tasty Twelve pizzas, depending on the pizzeria or restaurant. If you have dietary restrictions, it’s best to inquire with the establishment to find out if they offer gluten-free alternatives.

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