How do warm season weed killers work?

Having a lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood takes a lot of work. The one never-ending battle everyone can count on is weeds.

Killing and preventing weeds is part of having a healthy vibrant lawn that looks as beautiful as a golf course. To effectively eradicate and prevent weeds you must know a lot about your lawn, including whether you have warm season or cool season grass.

If you have warm season grass, then you will likely need to use warm season weed killers on your lawn. To learn more about warm-season and cool-season grass as well as killing weeds without killing your grass, click here. Otherwise, let’s talk about exactly how warm season weed killers work to help you create a healthy thriving golf course lawn full of lush vibrant grass.

Here’s what you need to know.

What are weed killers?

Creating and maintaining a beautiful healthy lawn means using the right kind of weed killers. Many people have grass which requires warm season weed killers. There are lots of popular warm season grasses but some of the most popular include Bermuda, St. Augustine, Centipede, and Zoysia. If you have one of these types of grass in your lawn, then you should probably choose a warm season weed killer to work with.

Most weed killers are further separated into liquids and granules. Liquid warm season weed killers are strong and fast acting but may also harm nearby grass. Many liquid weed killers contain glyphosate which is hazardous to the health of your grass. Liquid warm-season weed killers are best for ornamental bedding areas, sidewalks, and patios where weeds may have accumulated.

Granule warm-season weed killers are better for lawns, but they do work a little slower. They are easier to apply and allow you to use them sparingly, really targeting specific areas. Many granule type warm season weed killers also contain pre-emergents to help prevent seedlings from sprouting so weeds don’t return.

How Warm Season Weed Killers Work

Warm-season weed killers are further classified into 2 more groups, pre-emergent and post-emergent. It may take a combination of both types of warm-season weed killers to fully eradicate and control weeds in your lawn. Pre-emergent warm season weed killers contain specific chemicals, like Dithiopyr, which creates a barrier to prevent weed seeds from germinating, so they simply don’t grow.

Post-emergent warm season weed killers work by inhibiting photosynthesis and protein production while blocking root formation. Younger weeds are the easiest to kill but the right combination of products applied appropriately at the right time can take care of all the weeds in your lawn without killing your grass.

More Products For Getting Rid of Weeds

Sometimes using additional products can help speed up the process of warm season weed killers to help eradicate your lawn of nuisances. Using surfactants can help increase the rate at which herbicide absorption, sticking, and translocation happens to ensure weeds die quickly. Marker dyes can also help mark application areas to ensure even spreading and prevent over application that may damage lawns. These products are also helpful when applying fungicides and herbicides. Warm season weed killers are about eradicating weeds from your lawn but they also help buy time for your lawn to grow strong and healthy so it can resist weeds in the future.

In Conclusion

Knowledge is key when it comes to killing weeds and growing a lush green lawn full of beautiful vibrant grass. It’s important to use the right combination of professional grade products for your specific grass and apply them at the right time of the season. It’s also important to keep your lawn cut at the ideal height. With the right information and the right products, you can completely eradicate weeds and have luscious healthy grass that is the envy of your neighborhood.



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