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Medela Freestyle Hands-Free Breast Pump Review

Do you want to find the most effective breast pump? One wearable option that performs admirably as a travel pump is the Medela Freestyle Hands-Free. Check out this article!

Exactly what is the Medela Hands-Free Freestyle?

Wearable cups and a compact motor make up the Medela Freestyle Hands-Free breast pump.

The cups can be placed in your regular nursing bra, eliminating the need for a separate pumping bra. A pocket-sized pump motor is connected by tubing to the cups.

The cups aren’t too obvious, making this a discreet option for pumping in public. (You seem to have a huge chest, but that could be my imagination.) When baby has to be held or fed, the cups come in handy for pumping at the same time.

What are the benefits of using a hands-free breast pump like the Medela Freestyle?

Some of the benefits of this breast pump are listed below.

  • You aren’t wearing bottles around your neck

Wearable cups can free up your hands and arms so you can do things like play with your baby during tummy time or feed your baby a bottle without being hindered by the breast pump and bottles.

(You should be aware that if you lean forwards when pumping, the cups will leak.)

  • Only three components make up the pump

The Medela cups are simple to use because they only require three components—the breast shield, the valve, and the collecting cup—and there are fewer components to clean than with other alternatives.

  • The Freestyle pump may be taken anywhere

This pump is lightweight and portable thanks to its rechargeable battery and compact design. The hand pump is pocketable.

(I think they ought should supply a lanyard as well, so that the pump can be worn around the neck.)

  • The base of the cup is level. 

Medela cups are distinct from other wearable pumps in that they have a flat bottom, allowing you to place them on a counter after pumping without spilling milk.

  • It is powered by a USB-C cable.

I really like that you can use any standard USB cable to charge it, rather than one that can only be bought online. It uses the same charger as my MacBook, so it’s simple to stock up on backups and buy a new one at the airport gift shop if you lose it.

How about the drawbacks?

However, this pump is not without its drawbacks.

One, you can’t escape dealing with tubing.

There are no bottles or pump parts dangling from your body, but this is not a cordless option.

You’re still tethered to the portable motor and need to double-check that all tubing is attached.

Secondly, it’s not a completely silent environment.

It’s not the loudest breast pump I’ve used, but it certainly won’t be hidden from prying eyes either.

The Medela Freestyle Hands-Free: How Do I Use It?

Instructions for using this breast pump are provided below.

The Freestyle breast pump provides customizable pumping modes and vacuum intensities.

How to Use it:

To activate and deactivate the pump, press the play button.

To adjust the level of suction, click the plus or minus signs.

The drop button toggles between the letdown and expressiveness modes.

This breast pump has a fixed cycle speed that cannot be changed.

Connecting the Medela Freestyle to the MyMedela app allows you to keep track of how long you’ve pumped for.

Is the Medela Freestyle Hands-Free suitable for use as a primary pump?

It is possible to use just the Medela Freestyle as your primary breast pump.

Wearable cups may not work as well for everyone as other pump components, so keep that in mind if this is your only option. It’s possible to purchase the Freestyle Flex pump component separately and swap it out with the cups.

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