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The best cosmetic dentistry Los Angeles to combine dental treatments

An attractive smile can make a difference in your look. However, there is a relationship between your teeth and the beauty of your smile. If your teeth are uneven, your smile will not look beautiful. That is why many people have considered the best cosmetic dentistry Los Angeles.

There are various cosmetic dental treatments to solve your issues, such as stained teeth, missing teeth, and crooked teeth. However, you may consider a particular treatment to manage your cosmetic dental problems. But, some dentists also combine more than one treatment to provide the best result. So, which cosmetic dental processes do they combine for the desired outcome?

Teeth whitening 

It is a process of removing stubborn stains from your teeth’s surface. With your teeth whitening treatment, you can restore the natural white color of your teeth. You can visit the clinic to undergo this treatment. The best fact is that it is a one-time process. You will get a lasting solution with this professional treatment. 

Due to the emergence of advanced dental technology, dentists can easily remove stains from your teeth. Bright, white teeth will make your smile more attractive. But, remember that if you do not maintain your teeth, there is a risk of discoloration in the future. You may find several teeth whitening products like strips, gels, and rinses. However, certified dentists can give you a faster solution for your yellowish teeth.

Dental Implants 

Implants are small titanium screws fitted to your jawbone to replace the missing tooth root. After integrating the implant with your bone, your cosmetic dentist attaches a denture or crown to your implant. It will help you restore the function and appearance of your missing tooth. The best cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles CA involves using braces with dental implants for an improved look.

Most dentists recommend dental implants because they have a natural look and function. These implants help you smile and eat confidently. With proper maintenance and care, they will last long.

You do not need to remove the adjacent teeth for dental implants says this dentist who does dental implants in Newmarket ON. Your original bone will be preserved, and there will be minimal risk of deterioration.

Invisalign aligners

Invisalign aligners are popular orthodontic treatments for teeth straightening purposes. They will improve your smile with proper dental alignment. Many dentists combine tooth bonding, implants, and braces for the best result.

These aligners will put a slight pressure on your teeth to cause movement. However, the pressure is tolerable, and you have minimal risks of blisters.

Another advantage of using these aligners is that they are easily removable. So, you may wear or detach them anytime. On the other hand, conventional braces are fixed, and dentists recommend dietary restrictions. Without proper precautions, these braces often get broken.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are custom-made thin shells intended to fit over your teeth’s front surface. Made of porcelain, these veneers improve the look by covering up cracks, chips, and many other imperfections. They are designed to deal with minor cosmetic problems that are visible while you talk or smile. If you have a fragile tooth, a dental crown is recommendable.

Porcelain veneers cannot be easily differentiated from your natural teeth. They are fitted to the front of the teeth. But, you can use dental bridges and crowns for multiple teeth. However, the dentist will remove your enamel for placing the crown.

Tooth bonding

Composite bonding or dental bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment to improve your smile. Tooth bonding is recommendable to solve issues like gaps, cracks, and chips. Your teeth will have a better look after undergoing this treatment. During this process, your professional dentist will choose the resin color that matches the shade of your original teeth. He applies a conditioning liquid and roughens the tooth’s surface. The dentist then uses the resin material and molds it to the desired shape. After curing the material, he bonds it to your tooth surface.

So, contact a dentist to have tooth bonding treatment.

Gum Reshaping

Gum reshaping or gum lifting is another dental process for an improved smile. Your teeth will appear longer due to this treatment. Some dentists combine tooth bonding and gum reshaping for better results. If your gum line has imperfections, you need to have gum reshaping treatment.

Although gum reshaping is a cosmetic process, it provides medical benefits. This treatment is best for those who have periodontitis. Your dentist will diagnose your gum disease and try out non-surgical treatments before considering gum reshaping.


The best cosmetic dentistry Los Angeles recommends using more than one type of treatment for a smile makeover. However, before making the treatment plan, your dentist will ask you about your budget and desires. He will also check your oral health and overall health condition to make the right decision. 

But, some processes (such as, Invisalign) may take a number of months to show the result. On the contrary, teeth whitening will give you results in a single day. If you have multiple aesthetic issues, you can choose the combined treatment. It will provide you with the best value. 

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