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Things You Might Not Know About Assisted Living

Is there anyone you know looking for a residence providing assisted living in Arcadia? But we are sure of the fact that they lack the necessary knowledge and insight on sending their relatives to one. Our facility has been an eye-opener to several residents of Arcadia as they really saw with their own eyes that assisted living facilities can be this comfortable. Keep reading further to uncover some facts and information and bust a couple of myths when it comes to assisted living Arcadia.

Firstly, what do we mean by the assisted living facility?

Assisted living literally means assistance required for living. And an assisted living facility provides this to those in need. A lot of people would need assistance in their day-to-day lives, to carry out even the smallest of tasks – most commonly old people, especially those suffering from dementia and other degenerative diseases.

It is not just for the elderly.

Although you will mostly encounter only old people living in an assisted living facility, there is no age limit required for a person to get admitted to an assisted living Arcadia, as such. So you might wonder who else apart from the elderly would require help to live throughout the day.

Think about mentally unfit people who lack the insight to carry out even the simplest of tasks. Their families try very hard to cope with their illness and try to empathize with them, but for how long? Their parents cannot sustain them forever. They cannot get themselves enrolled in jobs to earn money and nor marry someone who might look after them. This eventually leads to them leading lives full of neglect. They require an organization that can help them thrive and can ensure that adequate treatments are provided to them. The same applies to people with physical disabilities.

In most cases, if not all, they end up losing their jobs and cannot marry or bear children. A good assisted living facility will provide them with the basic necessities that they need and will also take care of their medical needs at the same time. Thus the importance of an Arcadia assisted living facility is unimaginable.

There are some residencies with private rooms for everyone.

A major problem that people in most assisted living facilities face is that they have to share rooms with the other inmates. At first, it may not look like a big issue at all, but the lack of privacy isn’t desirable when it comes to old people and others with special needs. For example, caregivers shall help them undress, tidy up and dress up when everyone else is there in the same room. This is very disturbing for the inmates and can lead to stress and anxiety.

Trinity Hills Estates and very few other Arcadia Gardens assisted living facilities provide private rooms for all of its residents. This provides them with adequate privacy at all times. We believe overcrowding of the residence will only make it difficult for the caregivers to assist everyone with their activities. So we ensure that our establishment is not overfilled so that our staff can pay attention to everyone individually at all times to ensure maximum care.

Food need not be stale and cold.

Most such establishments offer food that is never cooked well and tastes very bland, and looks stale. Apart from being ill-tasting, it is also devoid of essential nutrients. This leads to several nutritional deficiencies among the inmates in the long run. If you think more clearly, this also means further deterioration of the health status of already debilitated old people.

To us, this feels very ruthless and disturbing. We ensure that everyone is always provided with warm home-cooked food made from the freshest ingredients sourced from the nearby farmers’ markets. This also means that our food is well balanced with all the macronutrients and micronutrients so that our residents always stay healthy and fit. All these ingredients are brought by our cooking staff after planning the meals beforehand. For this, they take into account the food preferences of every resident so that they can enjoy their meals to the fullest.

Why do the elderly tend to get depressed in assisted living facilities?

Since everything is provided to them then and there, they need to put in much less effort throughout the day. They hardly need to work for anything. The lack of challenge and stimulation leads to a feeling of emptiness and lack of purpose.

To tackle this issue, we at Trinity Hills Estate have come up with the idea of introducing certain activities for the inmates. These are fun, interactive, and challenging in ways that best suit them. In this way, the inmates can play, laugh and enjoy together.

Our residents usually await these challenges throughout the week and remain entertained and excited. These stimulating activities are especially beneficial for dementia patients as it leads to some improvements in their symptoms over time. We have seen the drastic change in the residential environment with our eyes – from quiet and gloomy to lively and cheerful

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