Excellent Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Offered in Southern California

Physical therapy can meet many needs of different people. It is useful for those with mobility issues, and it can decrease pain caused by medical issues or disabilities. Neurological, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, skin, and pediatric issues are other areas where a physical therapist can be of great benefit.

Sports medicine physical therapy is another type of therapy that helps when athletes need specific treatment for an injury or help improving their game. While it may seem overwhelming to find the best physical therapy in San Diego for your situation, there are things you can do to find the right one to meet your needs.

What Does Sport Physical Therapy Treat?

Sports-related physical therapy helps treat a variety of injuries that occur while playing a sport or training. Common things that a sports medicine physical therapist helps with include:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Concussions
  • Rehab after surgery
  • Improved speed, agility, balance, and overall performance

Although sport PT is popular with serious and professional athletes, it is also beneficial for those who work out and want to get better results or prevent injuries. 

Where To Find the Right PT for You

When searching for physical therapy near me, you want to make sure you find the right one for your needs. If you are an athlete and want a physical therapist that works specifically with sports-related treatment, the first thing you want to do is see if the therapy clinics you are researching have sports medicine PTs on staff.

Many of these specific types of therapists not only have physical therapy education and training, but they also have experience in athletic training. As a result, they can treat a variety of sports-related injuries, and they understand the goals and needs of athletes.

What To Expect from Sports Medicine PT

When you find physical therapy in Hemet that is tailored for athletes and sports-minded individuals, you may be wondering what to expect. During the initial session, the physical therapist will find out more about your reason for pursuing PT, whether it is an injury or desire to improve athletically.

He or she will perform an exam, which measures your strength, range of motion, and overall body mechanics. Based on this and, possibly, other tests, the therapist will recommend a treatment plan to reach your goals. The total treatment time often occurs over a number of months, although this depends on each specific client.

If you are there due to an injury, the first phase of the plan is to reduce pain and symptoms as quickly as possible. Treatment methods used may include ice or heat therapy, gentle stretching, massage, compression therapy, and light muscle activation.

Once you are out of pain, or if you did not come in because of an injury, the next step is to begin to incorporate exercises to improve balance and build strength. The specific moves depend on the area of concern or specific goals.

The final phase of a treatment/rehabilitation plan usually includes adding exercises and drills that are specific to your sport. Your PT may also recommend ergonomic changes to prevent future injuries.

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