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How Long Do Veneers Last?

The longevity of veneers primarily depends on the type of veneers. Porcelain veneers, commonly used in cosmetic dentistry in Charlotte, can last for approximately 15 years, while composite veneers have a lifespan of only around 7 years. Besides the type of veneer, factors such as the condition of one’s teeth prior to getting veneers and the way they take care of the veneers also impact their life span. With proper care, the longevity of veneers, Charlotte, NC can be extended to a certain period of time.

When and Why Does One Need to Replace Veneers?

One of the most common reasons for individuals to consider replacing their veneers is when the veneers have reached their prescribed lifetime. After the recommended duration, a person can consult a doctor specializing in cosmetic dentistry in Charlotte to get their veneers checked to determine whether they should continue with their current veneers or opt for new ones. Apart from the age of the veneers, other factors that can lead to the replacement of veneers include:

●       Chipping or cracking of the veneers.

●       Decaying of the supporting teeth.

●       Poor dental hygiene can result in gum diseases, leading to veneers in Charlotte, NC, becoming separated from the gums.

●       Improper size of the veneers.

●       If the veneers were not placed properly in the beginning.

These are the primary reasons why someone might choose to go for the replacement of veneers Charlotte, NC.

Types of Veneers and Their Longevity

There are various types of veneers available in the markets, with their lifespan varying from one another depending on the material they are made of. The commonly available veneers include:

Porcelain Veneers:

Porcelain veneers are the most common type of veneers used in cosmetic dentistry in Charlotte, NC. As the name implies, they are made from thin and translucent material called porcelain, which provides a very realistic look. Porcelain veneers in Charlotte, NC are known for their long life, which can extend up to 15 years. With proper care, they can last for a couple of more years. With proper care, some porcelain veneers in Charlotte, NC, have been known to last for 20 years.

Composite Veneers:

The next popular type of veneers is composite veneers made of resin-based composite. Though resin-based composite veneers in Charlotte, NC are more affordable than porcelain veneers, they have a comparatively lower lifespan, averaging around 7 years.

Composite veneers in Charlotte, NC require highly skilled dentists or prosthodontists like Drs. Andrew & Joya Lyons from Smiles Away Dentistry for successful results.

Removable Veneers:

As the name suggests, these types of veneers are temporary veneers. They enhance the look of one’s smile without sacrificing a lot of enamel. These veneers in Charlotte, NC are comparatively cheaper and short-term. These types of veneers come in two variants:

●       Instant Veneers: Instant veneers are readily available and need to be soaked in hot water to loosen up before getting fitted onto the teeth. These are not a long-term solutions for veneers in Charlotte, NC, if one is looking for an everlasting and beautiful smile.

●       Custom-made Veneers: Although temporary, these veneers in Charlotte, NC are custom-made to fit the individual. The imprints of the person’s teeth are taken, and based on those imprints, the custom-made veneers are created. These veneers are also temporary and do not last very long.

Tips for Extending Veneer Lifespan

Understanding that veneers are a major investment, Dr. Andrew & Joya Lyons from Smiles Away Cosmetic Dentistry in Charlotte, NC, suggest several ways for individuals to maintain their smile’s integrity and increase the longevity of their veneers:

Maintaining good oral hygiene:

The first and foremost step to increase the life of veneers is to maintain excellent oral hygiene. Ensuring one brushes twice daily and flosses at least once a day is crucial. Visiting the dentist twice yearly for check-ups and cleaning adds an extra layer of protection to veneers, Charlotte, NC. During the visit, individuals should not forget to ask Dr. Andrew & Joya Lyons to recommend good dental products for maintaining oral hygiene.

Avoiding using teeth as tools:

Many individuals have the bad habit of using their teeth as nail clippers or even as bottle openers. These habits are detrimental to veneers and can result in chipping and cracking. When using veneers, making a small effort to grab a nail clipper for trimming nails or a bottle opener for opening bottles is advisable.

Avoiding biting hard foods:

Another cause of early veneer replacement can be biting into hard foods. While there is generally no issue with eating various foods, consuming hard items like hard candies, raw carrots, or bone-in meats can unintentionally damage veneers, if excessive force is applied while chewing.

Using a mouthguard:

If individuals are involved in physical activities or sports, there is a chance of veneers cracking if they get hit in the mouth. To prevent these situations, Dr. Andrew & Joya Lyons recommend wearing a mouthguard to protect teeth and veneers increasing their lifespan by preventing accidents.

Avoiding teeth grinding:

Many people visiting cosmetic dentistry in Charlotte, NC, habitually grinding their teeth, especially while asleep. Since grinding often occurs unconsciously during sleep, it can be challenging to control. When visiting the dentist in Charlotte, NC, individuals should ask them to provide a mouthguard to protect their teeth from grinding damage.


In conclusion, veneers in Charlotte, NC, are a reliable and long-lasting method to enhance one’s smile. To ensure their well-being and increase their lifespan, individuals should take necessary precautions and consult Dr. Andrew & Joya Lyons from Smiles Away Cosmetic Dentistry in Charlotte, NC, who can guide them through the best practices for maintaining the longevity of their veneers in Charlotte, NC.

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