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I am Wajazali, journalist, and blogger. I think that information is a great force that is able to change people’s lives for the better. That is why I feel a strong intention to share useful and important things about health self-care, wellness and other advice that may be helpful for people. Being an enthusiast of a healthy lifestyle that keeps improving my life, I wish the same for everyone.

Skin Care

How to Get Rid of a Pimple Fast?

Pimples and important events go hand in hand. Every time we have a business meeting, lunch with friends, or a wedding party, pimples will be there to accompany...


The Top Performing W88 Sports Coach

Considering how well paid sportsmen in many different sports are nowadays, it is not surprising that a large number of people still believe that great players...

Skin Care

Do Hair Transplants Last Forever?

Nowadays everybody is familiar with an increasingly popular hair transplant procedure. It is an effective and the most common solution used to fight hair loss...