Landscape Supply Services: Residential and Commercial Solutions

In Lincoln, California, we offer sand, flagstone, soil, and construction materials from Rock Pros Landscape Supply. Landscape supply services are available to anyone who needs them. We can assist you with any type of project, whether it’s a small residential project or a large commercial one. Some of our extensive product offerings are listed below. Landscape materials of the highest quality are available from us.


It is common to use the sand we provide for utility purposes only, rather than for decorative purposes, like paving, but alternatively for pipe bedding and paver bases where a distinctive finish is not required. In addition to plaster lathing, plaster sand is also used for stucco. Mason Sand is white in color, and works great for access points to water as well as surfacing for volleyball courts. Also it blends well with plaster to make concrete borders for lawn mowing.


Our selection of flagstone includes Ebony Black, Oregon Eagle, Quartzite, Sandstone, and Slate, as well as many other colors and finishes. A quartzite gem is made by heating and cooling sandstone in order to produce a crystalline gem. We have the Flagstone you need for a wide variety of landscaping projects regardless of the aesthetic theme you are using.


At Rock Pros Landscape Supply, we offer a wide assortment of soils to meet all your landscaping needs. A sandbox may be made from sand or gravel, and a grassy area may be created using screen topsoil. 50/50 blends are great to use when you want to make sure, while your soil drains well, it still retains moisture for your plants. By providing high levels of organic matter, Grower’s Blend helps improve your garden’s growing conditions.

With the expertise and friendly guidance of the knowledgeable Rock Pros Landscape Supply, you can achieve all your landscaping dreams and then some. Additionally, you do not need to break the bank to do it. Visit Rock Pros in Lincoln and see for yourself what makes us different.

Waterfall Designs

Designing a waterfall as a corner feature on your patio or a central feature within the garden will always be a point in your home. One of our hottest looks is to use a mixture of #Quartzite and black #Robin Egg River Rocks as an eye fixed catching feature for the water to tumble onto. This feature will create a welcoming, peaceful spot for you to relax and rejuvenate.

Low Maintenance Landscaping

Another design to consider is Rock landscaping. We have an enormous selection of magnificent, show stopping #rocks and boulders for you to figure with. Landscaping with rocks is that the perfect solution to save lots of on water, and not need to worry an excessive amount of about the climate. The rocks will always look beautiful and you’ll add a couple of evergreen shrubs in between your feature. The combination of textures and colours are going to be eye catching to mention the smallest amount .
As far because the fillers are concerned, we at @Rockpros have one among the most important collections of bark, colored bark, sand and mulch to feature to your surface once the main design is done. These various soft textures can add brilliant color and interest to the ultimate garden landscaping and may be replenished year after year if a couple of touch ups are needed.
All round you won’t regret deciding to landscape with our beautiful collection of rocks, boulders, bark and mulch. Come in and visit and chat to our friendly staff who are always interested to assist together with your designs and convey them to life.

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