Valuable Business Growth Tips from Experienced Entrepreneurs

As a business owner, you have to wear many different hats. Not every business has a full-time marketing department, sales department, accounting department, etc. Many small businesses have a few people that handle multiple roles. Some business owners have to do it all themselves, and in these situations sometimes the smallest tips can lead to the biggest gains in growth.

But, how does a small business owner discover these valuable tips and insights? Well, there is an endless amount of information available online. From blog posts like found on this website, to Facebook groups geared towards entrepreneurs, and in-person networking events, the information is out there if you want to consume it.

Some great sources of information from other entrepreneurs include:

Facebook Groups: These are so popular because they are easy to participate in since everyone is on Facebook and tends to be active daily on the platform. There are groups aimed towards business owners for very niche industries and there are also broad business-themed groups. To prevent being bombarded with notifications it’s a good idea to disable notifications in the popular groups.

Forums: While many forums aren’t as active today as they once were, which is mainly due to Facebook groups being so popular, they are still great sources to search for ideas and answers. You might have a question regarding something very specific. Let’s pretend it’s marketing related. You could visit all of the marketing forums and enter your question in the search bars and see what gets returned. There is a good chance your question will be answered.

Co-Working Offices: These spaces are great to work from once in a while, as the change of scenery can help spark creativity and new ideas. Also, the people you meet and speak to while there can lead to new business relationships and opportunities.

Local Meet-Ups: Most large cities and metropolitan areas have entrepreneurial themed networking events. These are usually happy hour meet-ups with special guest speakers and a networking cocktail hour after. Again, this is just another great way to meet experienced entrepreneurs and learn from them.

Social Media: Do you have a specific question and you want to ask a particular business owner or executive? With social media, you have access to almost anyone in the world. You might be surprised at how many high-profile business owners will reply to a DM on Instagram or Twitter. All you have to do is ask. If they reply it’s a win. If not you are in no worse of a position than you were previously.

While those are all great ideas, we want to make it a little easier for you, and that is why we published the following infographic for you to engage with. It features tips and suggestions from successful business owners and entrepreneurs. These tips can lead to increased business growth simply by implementing them into your current routine and business operations.

Take a look at their tips and find one that will be the most beneficial for your business and implement it as soon as possible, resulting in much-desired business growth.

Infographic by Hustler Alliance.

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