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10 benefits and properties of coconut oil

Have you heard of coconut oil?

Perhaps yes, and maybe you have not considered its use, because, in this country, where olive oil is, there is plenty of any other; it has been Spanish gold for centuries.

Coconut oil is also known as ‘coconut butter’ and is the result of pressing the coconut or the meat of coconut bones; and is widely used in other countries, especially those located in Asia.

In this article, we want to assure you to give this oil a try, beyond the fact that you continue to consume your olive oil regularly.

To do this, we will tell you nothing more and nothing less than the health benefits it brings, and you may not know. So, perhaps, you will begin to consider using it.

The health benefits of this oil are many, and they are not the only ones; coconut oil is also widely used to obtain beauty benefits from it.

Here we tell you health benefits only. We begin.

Coconut oil: benefits and properties

  1. Protects and regenerates the scalp

We begin with use that may be for beauty, but also health. In many Asian countries, people massage their hair with coconut oil after showering. According to a study, coconut oil protects hair loss, strengthens it with protein, protects the appearance of lice in children, heals damaged hair, and is better than many costly brand-name conditioners. You may be interested in learning about remedies for hair loss.

  1. Prevents heart disease

Since the ’90s, it has been said that coconut oil harms people with cardiovascular diseases because of its large amount of fat, but it has not been proven. It helps fight and prevent them thanks to its large amount of lauric acid.

The lauric acid helps prevent hypertension problems, and high cholesterol also reduces the incidence and damage if there are lesions in the arteries; therefore, it helps prevent arteriosclerosis.

  1. Helps to lose weight

Because it contains many short and medium-chain fatty acids, it helps with excessive weight loss in people. It is effortless to digest, and it greatly benefits people with hypothyroid problems or health problems related to the endocrine system.

And there is even more: it increases the metabolic rate by relaxing the tension of the pancreas, thus burning more energy, thus helping people with obesity or overweight to lose weight. Know more about obesity.

  1. Strengthens the immune system

Because the coconut oil enters lipids, antimicrobials, lauric acid, capric acid, and capírilico carry the human body. It is appreciated by many libraries to convert monolaurin, which continues action bacteria and viruses that cause diseases such as influenza, herpes, cytomegalovirus, and others such as monocytogenes and the bacterium helicobacter pylori. Fildena 100mg, Super p Force also treat ED problem

  1. Helps to cure urinary infection and liver

One of the most proven health benefits of coconut oil has been shown to aid healing in people with UTIs ( discover UTI remedies ) and the liver.

It creates elements that work as natural antibiotics by breaking the bacteria’s liquid layer to kill them. The benefits of repairing liver damage and infection have also been confirmed in different studies.

  1. Reduces inflammation and prevents arthritis

A study from India found high antioxidants’ antioxidants (know what antioxidants are? ) In coconut oil, which helps reduce inflammation and heal arthritis, even more, effective than many medications.

Thus, one of its health benefits is that it works as an anti-inflammatory and even a natural analgesic.

  1. Improves memory and brain function

In 2004, the Journal of Neurobiology of Aging published a study where they discovered that its consumption improves memory problems in people with advanced age, even those with Alzheimer’s disease.

A notable improvement in their ability to recover and brain activity was noted after consuming the fatty acid found in coconut oil. All this, thanks to the fact that MCFA is absorbed by the body and sent to the brain without the need for insulin, which has, consequently, the brain cells to feed themselves more efficiently.

  1. Improves energy and stamina

Coconut oil is more comfortable to digest than other oils, and at the same time, it produces more sustained energy, which significantly helps metabolism.

When consuming this type of oil, metabolic benefits are obtained since the elements go directly to the liver and are more easily converted into energy.

Some sports coaches, especially triathletes, use coconut oil to increase the energy of triathletes.

  1. Prevents osteoporosis

There are two elements to blame for osteoporosis (knowing about this disease): oxidative stress and free radicals. Due to the high antioxidant features in coconut oil, they help fight free radicals, one of this disease’s culprits.

It also helps to increase the level of calcium that the body’s intestine absorbs from the food you eat, and, if that were not enough, it helps to avoid bone loss due to age and osteoporosis.

  1. Helps with hormonal balance

It benefits hormones. Yes, though you do not believe it. That’s because coconut oil is a valuable reference for soaked grease, especially lauric acid. Studies in this regard have found that consuming olive oil during menopause has positive effects on estrogen levels.

It has also helped people with hormonal imbalances resulting from thyroid diseases or problems in menstrual cycles.

How to choose the best coconut oil

We associate the term ‘virgin oil’ as better oil than refined; it happens to us with olive oil and coconut oil.

But this oil is by nature ‘refined’ since the only virgin coconut oil is the one in the coconut, which exists; they are less refined oils, yes, elegant and less sophisticated.

Virgin coconut oils are the least refined coconut oils than the others. That’s it.

The term ‘virgin’ for coconut oil refers to oils made without the copra as a starting point. Copra is the inedible oil extracted from the coconut shell, which needs to be refined to produce this oil.

The best result for health has been virgin coconut oil made with the wet grinding method. It consists of extracting the oil directly from the damp coconut pulp without having previously dried it for extraction. The oil is then separated from the water with boiling, fermentation, refrigeration, or enzymes.

Coconut oil with this extraction method contains many antioxidants compared to other oils, virgin or refined.

If you come across any oil that says it was made without being subjected to heat, you are looking at oil with lower antioxidants levels.


The health benefits of coconut oil are innumerable, so many that it is even used for cosmetic products with more than satisfactory results.

Incorporate the consumption of olive oil into your diet, research recipes, and, above all, try to acquire virgin coconut oil with the wet grinding method.

If you liked knowing about the benefits that the oil of this superfood that is the « coconut» provides us, do not miss the services that its water also gives us: Discover the benefits of coconut water.

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