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Why should Weight loss not be the only goal of exercise?


In the fitness and health industry, the most common goal is Weight loss. As well, the least attained goal is Weight loss. If many people have a goal of weight loss, then why not all people attaining weight loss? The answer is not simple; it is just like a puzzle with many pieces, but its actual goal is the biggest piece of this puzzle.

With weight loss, we are troubled in our culture. Everywhere discussed weight loss like in news, movies, commercials, magazines, and in friends group. The people are continuously creating their goal of weight loss for themselves, some lose weight about 10 pounds and some attained hundreds of pounds weight loss. I worked with different people, and the first thing discussed between us is the weight loss that different people attain. About 90% of people are those that have a goal of weight loss.

If your goal is Weight loss, then what about the goal setting?

When we think about goal setting, we always taught the goal must be time-bound or measurable. If we use a tough process, then the goal of Weight loss looks a great goal. My Weightloss goal is to lose 10 pounds in one month, but I just think about how I should set my goal of Weight loss for this logic. We just made a diet plan, ate some food, drank some juices, and avoided others. But the reality is harsh. This plan is a positive and best side effect for good health; it is not just a goal of Weight loss.

You must think like that, if you take an idea or goal of Weight loss, then you also take an idea or the goal of Weight gain. Not all people want to have a Weight gain goal, but mostly want to lose their weight and try to attain their goal. But due to some reasons like stress, taking the wrong food and lack of exercise, people gain weight. When you have the goal of Weight loss and do nothing to attain this goal, you won’t lose your weight; similarly, people rarely attained Weight gain because they only have the goal to attain it.

Weight loss is similar to Weight gain, depend on the sum of all habits that you adopt for your lifestyle. You did not quickly attain Weight loss for long-term, the same you did not quickly attain Weigh gain for long-term. True Weight loss is the sum of all positive changes and habits of your lifestyle. If you want to achieve your goal of Weight loss, then you should require proper goal setting.

You should be made a proper diet plan like eating salad, drinking coffee or tea without sugar, and some changes in your lunch that help you attain your goal. But through the only diet plans, you do not attain health for the long-term. So if you want to get good health and want to achieve your goal of Weight loss, you should make a healthy lifestyle no matter you are in the office, at home or somewhere outside. Try not to break your rules of eating. One of my colleagues at assignment writing service has lost almost 15 kg by having a simple and healthy lifestyle.

Why You Figure out Yourself?

If you want to achieve your goal of Weight loss, you should figure out why you want this goal; you must understand this. For this purpose, you should set Weight loss goals and other life goals like, Are you happy or inspired? What is your energy, your mood? Do you have much energy that you achieve your goal? Do you feel comfortable with your goal?. If you are living a good and healthy lifestyle and eating well food, then Weight loss is a positive side effect, and you will attain your goal of Weight loss if you focus on these things. You should figure out all these goals; then, you will attain the real goal.

Time is not bound in Weight loss Goal

When you set your goal of Weight loss for a specific time or date, you fail to achieve your goal because the Weight loss attains by a good and healthy lifestyle, so time is not bound in this healthy lifestyle. When you go for a job is not done until you maintain your work, similarly just saying that I want to achieve my goal of Weight loss you won’t attain until you are not focusing on your habits and not maintain good and healthy habits in your lifestyle. And all the things that helped to attain your goal, the same things you need to keep doing.

Someone follows the strict diet for some time and may attain their goal of Weight loss; after some time they leave all things and diets, after some time, he again attains Weight gain. If you achieve your goal by eating vegetables and drinking more water, then after conquering your goal, you keep doing this. You should keep eating vegetables and drinking more water.

The Process of the Weight Loss Goal

If you want to attain your goal of Weight loss, you should understand the goal’s process. With the proper process, you can get your actual goal, it’s not just a figure on the scale. The real and actual goal get only when you adopt good habits and only when you maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. And you do not just need to adopt these habits but also need to keep on doing this then you will get the Weight loss for the long term.

Probably, the whole process of a goal is hard to follow. Someone who blindly follows their diet plan for 4 to 5 weeks and may attain their goal, but not understand what should keep doing he must come to its earlier position after some time. So it is necessary to understand the difference between food and nutrition. Suppose it is easy for yourself to adopt healthy habits, then easy for you to attain your goal of Weight loss.

The Weight gain goal for the long-term is not a linear path. There must some ups and downs in the goal process, life goes on, but only you want your goal of Wight loss; you do not lock or bound yourself for a year. Your life events and parties go on, so just need to manage yourself in these events. The things you are like you should manage your goal process according to these things you should need to keep yourself a priority.

From my perspective, you should keep yourself at priority and adapt the good habits and a healthy lifestyle and keep doing this after gaining your goal. You should follow the other goals of your life and the process of your goal.

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