The Most Common Causes Of Male Infertility Or Erectile Dysfunction

Improve Male Infertility

Men also have a cause of infertility. The rate of male infertility is said to be about half of all infertility. More than half of the most common causes of male infertility are erectile dysfunction, which is unexplained.

Just because the cause is unknown does not mean that sperm quality cannot be improved. Except for those who have problems, you can take measures by reviewing lifestyle habits, diet, and supplements.

Also, even if there is no problem on the male side by sperm test, it will be easier to get pregnant just by paying attention in your everyday life. Creating a solid rhythm in life also has a positive effect on sperm.

If you are busy or lead an unhealthy life, men may also have reduced fertility = fertility. Pregnancy is established when men and women work together. Men should also improve their diet and lifestyle.

Male Infertility Improvement Review

Daily casual habits affect sperm

First of all, I want men to know that the testes are kept at 33 degrees, and sperms are vulnerable to high temperatures. You may not be very aware of it, but in fact, what you do casually in your daily life may have a negative effect on sperm.

Also, there is a research result that “obesity reduces the number of normal sperms and the amount of semen,” so try to keep your body healthy by eating a well-balanced diet and exercising moderately.

You should avoid drinking and smoking. If you take a lot of alcohol, you will not get a good night’s sleep, and you will also have an irregular diet, such as skipping breakfast. Smoking causes low blood flow and oxygen deficiency in the body.

14 things you can do to improve male infertility

Eat supplements and diets to increase sperm motility

Zinc is called a “mineral” and plays a role in improving the concentration, amount, and motility of semen. Studies have shown a difference in zinc levels in semen between men with regular semen tests and male infertility patients.

A survey of 30 patients with sperm dysfunction and 31 normal men who went to a fertility clinic found that the former had less antioxidant intake than the latter, according to a study conducted in Spain.

Be aware of these nutrients, and try to incorporate them into your diet and supplements.

Highest quality sperm after abstinence for one day

A study from an Israeli university found that sperm status was best after a day of abstinence and that long-term abstinence reduced sperm count, according to a semen sample study.

It seems that the ratio of normal sperm and motile sperm was excellent after one day of abstinence.

Rather than being aware of the timing of the ovulation day, it may be easier to get pregnant if you relax and enjoy the couple’s life once every two to three days without worrying about the timing.

Quit smoking

Conducted a semen survey of 112 male infertile patients and ten healthy men at a university in Brazil. It has been reported that the former antioxidant enzyme concentration was lower than the latter and that the smoking males had lower sperm antioxidant enzyme concentrations.

The lower the concentration, the lower the sperm count and motility, resulting in a higher white blood cell count. The effect of quitting smoking is so great that it has been reported that Vilitra 40 and Cenforce 150 the blood flow in the penis improved love life.

Smoking increases the risk of second-hand smoke for wives and causes both couples to worsen their internal environment. It seems better to be conscious of quitting smoking as much as possible, including health management after the child is given.

Increase sperm motility by exercising moderately

At the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, Harvard School of Public Health announced that those who regularly exercise, such as jogging, outdoor sports, and weightlifting, have a positive effect on sperm and improve sperm motility.

The more you exercise, the more sperm you have and the higher your sperm motility. Exercise is also useful in relieving obesity and increases the secretion of male hormones, so there is no doubt that it is right for your body.

Aim for normal weight if overweight

The University of Utah found that the higher the BMI of men, the lower the sperm count and motility. A survey of 526 people reported that oligospermia was 5.32% in the regular weight group and 15.62% in obesity.

Do not use a laptop on lap

A reproductive medicine researcher at the State University of New York surveys 29 men. When I checked the temperature of the scrotum one hour after placing the computer on my lap, I confirmed that it had risen by an average of 2.1 degrees.

It is said that when the temperature of the scrotum rises, the ability to produce sperm decreases.

Refrain from sauna

In addition to avoiding hot baths and long baths, you can also refrain from using the sauna. In a hot sauna, the heat-sensitive testes warm-up, and the sperms inside weaken. It is vital to keep the testicles at 32-33 degrees, which is optimal for sperm production.

Among male infertility patients, those who took a hot bath for 30 minutes or more a week for three months or more stopped the habit, and 45% of them in 3 months had a total motile sperm count.

No stress

It has been reported that healthy stress increases malformed sperm.

As a result of the inspection, there was no change in the sperm count in the area with a seismic intensity of four or less. The sperm count and motility rate were significantly reduced in the size with seismic intensity six or higher.

It seems that sperm has decreased due to excessive stress, such as the collapse of a house and the victims of relatives. It seems better to avoid excessive stress caused by work as much as possible. Vilitra 60 and Vilitra 20 can be treatment ED.

Do not ride a bicycle

There are reports that it is not suitable for sperm because the temperature inside the scrotum rises due to friction and vibration caused by the bicycle.

Also, many studies report the risk of bicycles leading to ED, so you should avoid riding too many bicycles or motorcycles.

Do not take alcohol on a daily basis

According to a study conducted by a research team at the University of Southern Denmark on 1221 men aged 18-28, sperm counts and malformations began to affect those who drank about 2.5 or more mugs of beer a week and beer a week. This is especially noticeable for people who drink 20 or more beer mugs.

Although an observational study, he pointed out that habitual drinking of alcohol can weaken sperm, and for young men, regular drinking large amounts of alcohol not only damages health but also reproductively. You should tell them that they can have an impact.

Strive to manage the physical condition

It has long been said that sperm dies from high fever, but it is good to remember that fever affects test results.

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