The best tips to design a website with enhanced user experience

Mobile app development Dubai is a competitive vertical that requires the most modern and fast-tracked innovations in this era. Research shows that users can judge a website withing 5 seconds of opening it, so we know how crucial this time is for you. This is why for the most enhanced and competitive mobile app development Dubai, it is important that apart from the content used in your website, the way users feel about it should also be focused on. User experience should be maximized in a positive way so users can retain what you are offering and come back for more. Here are 10 best tips that you can use to improve your website and provide users with the best user experience for mobile app development Dubai:

  1. Make use of white space:

Many users for mobile app development Dubai have complained about a website containing too much white space. White space adds to the user interface and the design of your website, making it look uncluttered and free. It also makes the website looks balanced and text can be focused on.

  1. Maximize the speed of your page:

Increased loading times for websites can be frustrating for users. With an increase in the use of mobile phones, people are now accessing websites from a multitude of devices for mobile app development Dubai. Optimizing speed will positively impact user experience.

  1. Make use of attractive color schemes and call to action buttons:

Many users are accustomed to the usual visual aids for CTA’s, however you should make sure that the color scheme you use is attractive and follows the same pattern. This will aid in identification prompts and make your website look action oriented.

  1. Segment your text with bullets:

Adding a lot of information on your website can make it look cluttered and noisy. This prevents users for mobile app development Dubai to stay on it for longer. So, you should segment key points in your text with bullets for maximum retention.

  1. Make use of images:

A website without visually appealing aids is useless. Therefore, you should wisely make use of images that fit your website. This will increase retention for users and make your website look fun and interactive for mobile app development Dubai.


  1. Include well designed and written headings:

To make your website more user centric, you should include headings that are equipped with necessary keywords and that are directly targeting your message. This will allow you to use information wisely and this will also optimize your websites content for search engines, thus placing your site at the top.


So, it you are looking for a professional looking website that provides your users with the best user experience, then A2 solutions is the answer for you. Our team of professional software developers will make sure that you are provided with the best and most updated services in town. don’t wait any further, and contact us or visit us for further information on your user centric website!



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