How can you reduce the difficulties of living and studying in overseas?

Getting an opportunity of studying and living abroad is what most of us dream of. Living and studying abroad has a lot of perks and one of the most advantageous perks is that we get to travel out of our country and for people who love to travel and experience new things, living abroad is once in a lifetime opportunity. But in the excitement of going abroad, we often neglect the difficulties it brings along.

Having an open mind about going overseas is important because you really don’t know what to expect. A lot of people listen to the experiences of their friends or colleagues who live abroad and assume that the experience will be the same for them but this mostly not the case, every person looks at things differently, every person has a different tolerance level, and this is why experiences are different as well.

Here are some of the difficulties faced by people living or studying abroad, Dissertation Writing Help in Dubai has tried to provide solutions for these difficulties which can help reduce them.

  1. Language Barrier

This is one of the first issues that arise after going overseas. If you are traveling to another country, chances are, you will face a language barrier. This is an issue because it creates a hurdle in communications. If you don’t know the language you will find it difficult to talk with locals which create further problems because your everyday tasks will be disrupted. What you can do is, before leaving your country; you should try to learn the basic language of the country where you are going. I am not asking you to learn the whole language, it will eventually happen over time but you should at least learn the important things, for example, how to introduce yourself, how to ask for directions, and some other words you happen to use daily. Also with today’s technology, nothing is difficult; you can use translation tools on your mobile phone to communicate.

  1. Getting to Know People

Again, it’s important to learn the language because you don’t want to live in isolation and have to get to know people and make some friends. One cannot spend quality time alone in another country which you know almost nothing about. Living alone is never an option and so this creates another issue of getting to know people. If you are a student then it’ll be fairly easier for you to make friends because you are exposed to a diverse range of people but if by any chance you are unable to do so then you have an option of joining different clubs, going out, to meet new people. You can also use the internet to meet people by being a part of groups and pages.

  1. Homesickness

Homesickness is something everyone must have felt at least once. Missing home, family, and friends is natural, and thinking about it too much can cause this to happen more often. What you can do to reduce it is that you should give yourself some time. Time is the key here, once you get used to your environment and all the things overwhelming you, you will find yourself to be less homesick. Also, you can try taking up activities that will give you no time to think about stuff. Keep in touch with your family and don’t ignore them. Do things on your own.

  1. Accommodation

If you got a room in your university dorm then you are lucky but if you didn’t, you might have to go through a lot of difficulties. This is especially difficult if you don’t have friends and you don’t know that language. If you managed to make friends then you can ask for their help in finding proper accommodation for you. You can search the internet for it but be extra cautious because some of these accommodation ads are a hoax and will waste your time or might even hurt you. Check local newspaper and internet groups to find yourself a room because spending money on hotel rooms is a total waste and also it’s very expensive.


  1. Expenditure

This is a hard one. Saving money overseas is really hard because you might be spending a little too much on food and accommodation. Keeping your budget on track is essential as it saves you from a lot of hassle. When you see new things you are most likely to buy them and as you are in a new country you fill a new thing. You have to control your emotions and save up as much as you can, you don’t want to end up with no money in a new country. As far as the food is concerned you should try to cook in the house instead of eating out. Learn to cook if you don’t know how to, it can save you a lot of money.

  1. Getting a Job

Of course, you need a job to finance your expenses. Finding a job in today’s day and age is not so easy especially when you are in a different country. Your main aim should be to find a job, any job. Don’t keep your expectations too high because they might not get fulfilled and you will end up feeling discouraged. Be open to any kind of job that may pay your bills. Keep in mind that you are alone here and have to take care of yourself on your own. Search local newspaper and job apps on you mobile phone to look for jobs.

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