It’s an open secret, we all know that Oily Skin is a blessing in disguise.

People with oily skin have thicker skin with less tendency of getting wrinkles due to aging. The oil that skin produces is a natural skincare treatment that not only preserves the skin but also nurtures it to keep it healthy and tender.


So Why To Worry?

Problems arise when this blessing goes out of hand. Excess oil on the surface of your skin can elevate the chances of getting more blemishes, whiteheads, and blackheads. Excess oil on the skin can lead to pimples and acne in long run. It gives you a greasy and unattractive facial look.

The pores on our skin through which our skin breaths in oxygen and excretes out the sweat, dirt, and excess oil. This oil is manufactured by the glands inside our body called the Sebaceous Glands. The job of these glands is to produce a natural oil called sebum. All types of skins produce sebum but the production or secretion level varies in dry skin to oily skin in the T-zone area.

Oily skin tends to produce a greater amount of sebum due to which people with oily skin always have a greasy and shiny appearance. Oil prone skin is a tricky one to handle and hence requires a better understanding of the ingredients being used on the skin. Oily skin requires a special type of natural skincare treatment that helps to remove the layer of sebum from the surface of your skin. More oil on the skin means more dust and germs are invited on your skin. This excessive oil works as a glue to dust particles, germs, and dead skin cells. When these all unwanted buddies stay on your skin for longer periods of time and not treated well, they will clog the pores and eventually end up in breakouts and black and whiteheads.
So here comes the need of getting rid of this excess oil from our skin timely and regularly.

Understanding Your Skin

There are many factors involved that promote the production of oil on the skin which include Genetic, Environmental, and Lifestyle Factors.
Let’s take a quick look at these factors for better understanding.
Genetic Factors: It’s said that if one of the parents has oily skin you will more likely to have oily skin. So, it’s kind of a trait that runs in a family.
Environmental Factors: Hot and humid weather plays a key role in more oil production. You must have noticed that your skin produces more oil in summers than in winters.
Lifestyle as a common factor: If you are under stress or at or around the age of puberty, more oil will be produced and secreted. That is why you get more breakouts during this period. A poor diet routine also plays a role.
Another factor is having a poor skincare regime or choosing the wrong beauty products to treat your skin. You may be over-cleansing your skin or under-cleansing. The best skincare experience for oily skin has to be natural and organic skin. Products formulated with natural ingredients. Oily Skincare is a tricky one to understand and follow. Once you know your skin you can figure out what is best for your skin.

So How To Treat Oily Skin?



Your oily skin needs the best skincare treatment which is only achievable through a healthy diet and by using the best facial kits in Pakistan. The best facial kits are those which have been formulated using natural plants, herbs, and shrubs. To get rid of all the breakouts and pimples as a result of excess oil on your skin, you need to partner with the best facial kit brand selling amazing beauty products that work for an effective and best skincare.

Skincare Recommendation:

To get rid of all your facial problems, you need to be friends with the best Online Skincare Store in Pakistan. Buying Skincare online can be tough and risky but an authentic online store selling facial beauty products like Derma Shine Pakistan – the One-Stop Shop for the best skincare and makeup cosmetics, is one place where you can achieve the best results using their best fruit facial kits.
When it comes to cleansing oily skin, you should always lookout for the products in the best price and most affordable skincare products which not only have fewer chemicals but also have all-natural and organic ingredients.
Either you use a cleanser or a facewash it should be oil-free and non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores). A good mild facewash with some natural herbal extracts is all that you need to achieve good results.


Derma Shine Oil-Free Facial Kit

Derma Shine Oil-Free Facial Kit is what you need to treat your oil-prone skin. It consists of 6 X 200ml products; A Skin Polisher, Pomegranate Face Wash (Oil-Free), Lemon Peel Off Mask, Cucumber Cleansing Milk, Oil-Free Foaming Scrub, and Almond and Honey Massage Cream.
The Derma Shine oil-free facial kit includes ingredients that bring in the natural powers to make your skin look bright and shine.
They contain Apricot seeds, which contain a high concentration of fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins.
Our best facial kit includes Papaya seeds, which are known for their deep cleansing actions. It helps in reducing wrinkles, brighten up the skin, and treats pimple and acne.


  • Oil-free
  • Non-Comedogenic (Won’t clog pores)
  • Refreshing and purifying action
  • Clears pimples
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Removes dullness
  • Improves skin hydration
  • Deep cleansing actions
  • Brightening and lightening treatment

There are many beauty cosmetics brands available in Pakistan however you need to partner with the best online skincare store in Pakistan – which is Derma Shine. Derma Shine online delivers healthy skin products at your doorsteps. For oily skin type always look for products that are mild, oil-free, and non-comedogenic.

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