Lipcara Providing All Natural Skincare Online Products

Lipcara produces only 100% natural cosmetics!

In our 100% The Best Natural Skincare Online Products, you will find the splendor of nature. We develop and manufacture our products based on years of experience in homeopathy and aromatherapy along with extensive knowledge and familiarity with the world of chemistry. In addition, we are familiar with the latest research in these areas around the world. We strongly believe that the products we use every day on our body must be very gentle and healthy for us in the long run. Therefore we constantly strive to provide you with only 100% natural products. We are proud to present our 100% natural personal care products based on the following important information.

All Natural Skincare Online Products

100% natural cosmetics are healthier for you!

Today, even medical research has shown how good and nourishing for the skin olive oil, Shea butter, coconut butter, and almond oil are. These ingredients have positive effects on our body and soul. In Skincare Online Products, you will find only products that are made from 100% high-quality raw materials.

In Skincare Online product line, we refrain from the use of substances suspected to be harmful to people or the environment. We avoid the use of byproducts of the petroleum industry, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, aluminum, alcohol, animal fat, palm oil, and more.
The standard cosmetic industry is based on materials that are detected as problematic for human health with prolonged use. Studies are showing more and more that those chemicals can cause dermatitis, asthma, skin dryness, migraine, cancer, and more. Read more in our articles.

100% natural cosmetics are cleaner than all-natural or organic cosmetics.

What is the difference between 100% Natural Cosmetics and regular Natural cosmetics or organic cosmetics?
Natural Blac cosmetics found on the shelf contain all the regular chemicals you can find in any other commercial cosmetics products. An addition or a change of a small amount of one or some ingredients can turn the product into a “natural” one. However, the product will not have real natural effects on your body.
Organic cosmetics, even then with the strictest certifications contain just about 20% organic materials, but at the same time, it can also contain up to 5% oil substances, preservatives, etc.
Lipcara is a 100% natural cosmetics line because we don’t use any chemicals or any preservatives at all. When we use organic materials we mention it on the label. in some of our products, we use up to 2 times the minimum required for organic.

100% natural cosmetics are more concentrated and cost-effective.

Derma Shine Skincare Online products are concentrated usually up to 3–4 times than other products on the shelf.
All your house creams contain about 75% water. Water is not an active ingredient and doesn‘t get absorbed through the skin. (Simply just think that water doesn’t get into your skin while you are swimming at the pool right?). So the active and nourishing oils are just less than 20% of your cream. When mixing water and oils the cream maker must use preservatives such as parabens (linked to a variety of health problems) and materials that enable mixing the oil and water such as ethylene glycol or polyethylene glycol that harm your skin and allow rapid absorption of the cream at the same time.

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