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What Are the Steps to Becoming a Pediatric Dentist?


Most people wish to become a pediatric dentist. But on the same spot, some people think that becoming a pediatric dentist is the most challenging task. However, if you wish to become a pediatric dentist, you need to follow the proper procedure.

But first, let us make you familiar with some facts.

What is a Pediatric Dentist?

The pediatric dentist is generally a dental professional who has a specialization in treating children. Moreover, a pediatric dentist is a licensed DDM who also completed the residency training recognized by the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry.

These professionals focus on treating children in a comfortable and encouraging method. Hence, to become a professional pediatric dentist, the candidate must first follow these steps. So, let’s get started!

  1. Achieve a Bachelor Degree

The prime step towards becoming a professional pediatric dentist is a bachelor’s degree. For child dentistry in Aurora, an individual’s prime focus should be on primary education, which includes biology, physics, chemistry, human anatomy, and physiology.

Besides that, it is also suggested that the potential pediatric dentist must complete the core studies in child development, business studies, and psychology. This is essential if in case the pediatric dentist wishes to open his own child dentistry in Aurora.

Meanwhile, the pediatric dentists are also advised for achieving practical training work with the kids such as disease diagnosing, volunteering for the research project, and involvement in the child-related illness.

  1. Become a Licensed DMD/DDS

Once after achieving the initial degree, the individual needs to become a licensed DDM/DDS. It will be completed at a dental college. In the first two years, the pediatric student needs to focus on learning dental science procedures in the laboratory setting.

In the year three and four, the whole steps are structured to allow the dental students to begin and explore the clinical exercises. They will also learn how to treat and diagnose adult patients under the licensed dentist’s direct supervision. Once they complete the dental school examination, they will be considered as the doctor of dental surgery.

After that, the National Board of Dental Examinations exam must be completed and passed from the dental college to become a licensed dentist. The exam will be conducted in two parts.

  • Part 1: The written examination is designed to test a future dentist’s general knowledge of oral health. This is the first section which needs to be passed if an individual needs to proceed for residency training.
  • Part 2: The clinical examination will be the second part of achieving the license. The candidate can take it only once and needs to pass it successfully.

This can be the specific requirement of becoming a licensed DDS and needed by the dentists to continue their education to maintain their license. Once the individual achieves the certificate successfully, the individual needs to proceed with the residency training.

  1. Complete the Residency Training

There are many approved and recognized official pediatric dentistry residency training programs in the United States from where the individual who passes the license exam can gain the training. The training period will also last for two years and begin directly after gaining the graduation degree and passing the NBDE.

The main agenda of having the residency program is to make them more familiar with pediatric dentistry’s practical clinical world. Some of the areas to be studied in the Pediatric Dental Residency are as follows:

  • Advanced surgical procedure for the kid’s anatomy
  • Radiology
  • Advanced Diagnostic and Evaluation procedure for the kids
  • Dental Care for the special patient needs
  • General anesthesia and Conscious Sedation
  • Child psychology and development
  • Treatment and management of facial and oral trauma injuries

Once the residency training is completed, the qualified pediatric candidate will receive the board certification examination, consisting of oral, practical, and written phases. On successful passing of the exam, the candidate will be the official Diplomate of Pediatric Dentistry and can go ahead with his Childs Dentistry in Aurora.

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