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How Do You Deal with Orthodontic Emergencies?

An orthodontic emergency can come anytime, and whenever you hear about the emergency,
you will immediately be frightened of the word only. Despite fearing the orthodontic emergency,
one needs to pay some attention to the emergencies and handle them with care before heading
to a clinic for an orthodontic emergency in El Cerrito.
In this blog, we’ll cover the various orthodontic emergencies and how to deal with them. But
before we take a deep dive to know the ways, let us know first about the ortho emergency.

What Is Ortho Emergency?
It is a procedure to fix the teeth’ issues and alignment to improve the health of the mouth.
Orthodontic treatment involves the procedure such as braces fitting which can be painful. The
wire and brackets may sometimes trouble you and cause damage to the cheeks and even lips.
This may require a visit to El Cerrito orthodontics emergency.

Orthodontic Emergencies and How You Can Fix Them
The orthodontic emergency may vary and have a distinctive type. Thus, it is essential to focus on
the circumstance with which you are suffering. These may include swallowed gums and oral

Nevertheless, other issues that may trouble you are as follows:

Mouth Sores
When you installed the braces on your teeth, you may experience some soreness in the mouth
that may persist for a week. You may face difficulty in chewing the food, and your teeth become
more tender. The best way to treat this emergency is to chew soft food until your brace’s fixed
properly or until your chewing process gets back to normal.
Moreover, you may even have some sore spots on your gums that are irritated, so that it would help if
you gargle with the warm saltwater. You will feel relaxed when you do the gargle several times a

Rubbing Irritations
Some people do not suffer from the soreness; instead of this, they suffer from rubbing irritation in
the mouth. To treat this, an individual may use the orthodontic wax to get rid of the rubbing
irritation. This rubbing irritation may result due to the friction of the brackets against the cheeks
and lips. In that case, the orthodontic wax can help you to deal with the sores and irritation.

Oral cavity Accidents
There are numerous types of oral cavity accidents; emergencies may vary from individual to
individual. Hence, the foremost point is to take care of the damage that occurred to the mouth.
In that case, you may need to visit the El Cerrito Orthodontics emergency dentist. But the
healing process may take a longer time for the soft tissues, and you may need to re-adjust your
braces to the accurate place. Your dentist will do this, and to avoid the risk, make sure your
dentist also provides you with mouth gear. The mouth gear will further protect your mouth from

Loose Brackets
Some of the square metal devices cemented over your teeth braces may get loose over time.
Fortunately, you don’t need to fear this because there is a wire which is interconnected with your
teeth braces. It will stick to the braces wire without creating any problem. But you can also visit
orthodontics emergency El Cerrito to fix the issue.

The trouble with the Wires
The wires are threaded over the brackets to maintain the pressure on the teeth. This will also help
keep them in the right position. But sometimes, the wire becomes vulnerable and easily comes
off or snaps off from its place. The wire problem will further lose the area, and such snapping off
of the wire can cause discomfort in chewing food and other things. Hence, it would help if you
replace the wire and visit your dentist.

Missing Rubber Bands
The missing rubber band addresses the bite problems in the mouth. The rubber band is applied
to the braces to keep them in place. If it misses from the place, then it may include crossbites,
overbites, and underbites. Perhaps, this may be a common problem these days and can be
treated using a substitute band in its place.

Bottom Line
An orthodontic emergency can happen anytime to any individual. It may affect your chewing
process and even create difficulty in maintaining oral health. So, this preventive measure will help
you in dealing with these issues.

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