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How Long Is the Treatment for Invisalign?

Now gone are those days when a crooked smile will affect your personality because you now can take the Invisalign treatment to treat those unaligned teeth. Adults, teens, and others are embracing clear plastic aligners from clinics for Invisalign Roanoke.

It is the most popular these days and a promising way to correct the teeth’ alignment without going for hardware installation like metal. Its appearance makes it the most ideal for adults and teens who don’t want to see those metallic braces.

But the question here is how long we need to wear that Invisalign to straighten teeth. So, read the whole blog. This will help to know how long you will be going to wear that Invisalign.

How Much Time Invisalign Does It Take to Straighten Your Teeth?

If you as an adult have misaligned teeth, then you are likely to come into the following categories.

  • You may not have any braces and tooth alignment instruments during your childhood.
  • You have braces, but your teeth may shift to other positions by the time because you don’t wear your retainer.

In both of these cases, the Invisalign will help straighten your smile and not take much time as you may be thinking. Most of the patients start showing the results within a few weeks by having Invisible braces in Roanoke, and the overall duration of the treatment may end up in 12 months. And once your treatment is ended, you need to wear the retainer, which helps you keep your smile from shifting out of place. In severe cases, the time to straighten your smile may also vary from person to person.

Some Factors Which Cause Variation in the Wear Time

The mouth of every individual is unique in their sense and has a unique fingerprint. So, it is impossible to point out the exact duration and timing of the treatment. Some of the patients only need minor correction that may take about six months only. While in some cases, it may take up to 18 months.

However, there are a few reasons too, which may contribute to enhance the duration of the Invisalign, which are as follows:

Teeth Crowding

If an individual has a smaller jaw, which is overcrowded by the large teeth, then Invisalign’s duration may vary and take a longer time. The overcrowded teeth may need a longer time to get straightened. The treatment time may take even a year to correct the alignment. The more crowded teeth you have, the more time it takes to treat them and longer you need to wear that Invisalign.

Teeth Spaces

Some patients have teeth spaces between them, which is known as diastemata. This can occur due to overgrowth of the tissues and teeth that are small as compared to the jawbone. So, similar to the crowded teeth, the teeth with gaps may take less than 18 months to straighten the teeth.

However, if you have crowded and gap teeth, then you may need to wear this Invisalign for a longer duration. The treatment time may vary from patient to patient and also depends on how quickly your teeth fix back to normal.

Age of the Patient

Invisalign is excellent to treat the misaligned teeth in adults and teens. But your age can also affect the treatment time and how quickly the Invisalign will work on teeth. Teens are in growing age, so their teeth tend to move faster as compared to adults. That’s why the adult teeth take a longer time to fix the alignment.

Some people above the age of 40 might see results slower as that of adults and teens. So, age also has an impact on the treatment.


Even if you need to correct fewer teeth from the start, if you don’t wear the compliance according to the dentist from who you are getting Invisible braces in Roanoke, you will extend the Invisalign timing. Ideally, it is advised for the individual to wear the Invisalign tray for 22 hours a day. This will help you to shorten up the time of the treatment.

Bottom Line

Invisalign is the best way to correct your teeth spaces, overcrowded teeth, and small jaw troubles. However, the time may vary for the treatment. It may require six months to treat a few incorrect teeth, but it may take up to a year if you need to fix more teeth.


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