Advantages of Windows Movie Maker Download for Unique Video Production

Users and video producers benefit immensely from Windows movie maker download and perhaps the very reason it is still in demand. Despite not being supported by Microsoft anymore, although you can download the software from the site, it is best for people who like to experience pretty straightforward things without confusing features.

New entrants aspiring to be good movie producers and even experienced people would surely like to get the best out of the software. It is available on several sites as a free download, although there is no guarantee that it would be safe. However, you may download the software free at so that you face no risks as it has been pre-scanned by reputed Avast and AVG anti-virus programs.

Good Edits Lay Foundation for Good Videos

You need to download the software onto your desktop or laptop. After this, you need to install the same, and once this is over, you may start with your movie production. First, you must check out how to operate your webcam. Next, attach your camera to your computer with the help of a USB cord. It is generally found with the camera. It would help if you then fixed your camera into Webcam mode.

There is four crucial part of the Movie Maker. So the first step after movie maker download is to know that it consists of four main components: Task Frame, Collection Frame, Media Preview Pane, and Storyboard and Timeline Frame.

Your next step would be to open the Windows Start Menu and then open the Movie Maker. Next, you name your project and add a video clip or photo. Then add titles to your movies and also add credits to your movies. You then start adding music to your video and complete your movie with an Auto-Movie theme.

Start Editing for Producing Professional Movies

You will find it easy after you have gone through the process with some patience. Since there are no complications and only features to aim for, you will find initial progress not as tricky as other software types. The Editor in the Movie Maker is pretty simple, and you can edit clips by dragging them on the timeline. Each clip is small, and the clarity of the first frame is always better than the subsequent frames, yet this is not seen as a problem.

You can also start editing audio for a video clip, and you have options to search for audio waveform for each tiny clip. Therefore, you can set high sound and low sounds for your audio with the movie maker download easily. In addition, you will find the zoom control at the bottom of the screen while editing your video project.

Apart from audio tracks and titles, you will Stabilization as one of the essential features. It is this feature that helps to ‘edit out’ camera wobbling and shaking during shootouts. You will find this feature very good. Again, you will find features like slides, wipes, curls, patterns, and reveals in the software for good transitions.

The visual effects come with good variety in the Movie Maker, and from the Visual Effects tab, you can choose Edge Detection and other options for creating different visual effects.


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