Hard Work VS Smart Work – What To Choose?

I’m sure you might have thought about this question at least once in your entire lifetime, haven’t you?

But yet the debate of– Hard Work VS Smart Work remains untangled for many of us. Though many of us are more attracted towards smart work since hard work requires a lot of efforts and we may be lazy enough to do that. But hey, are you sure you are that smart enough to go for smart work? Be honest and answer this question, not to me obviously, but to yourself within your mind so that no one hears out the truth!

If you think you are really smart, exceptionally talented and you don’t need to put even the slightest efforts to achieve what you want, think again. Well, if you belong to this category I strongly suggest you to roll your eyes down the page and then answer the question –hard work vs smart work, what to choose? Your perspective would definitely transform and so will your answer!

Difference Between Hard Work And Smart Work

Before hoping directly on the conclusion of hard work vs smart work, we’ll first get to know the profound distinguishing points between hard and smart work. Obviously there are differences between hard work and smart work that you all must be aware of. But I just wish to elucidate some of the noticeable differences that may help you choose between hard work and smart work.
And yes, don’t skip this part; you need to know what makes you choose between hard work and smart work; for that you need to know what makes hard work different from smart work and vice versa.

  1. The foremost obvious difference that comes first our minds is that hard work is tough to implement than smart work. Hard work demands for sweat and pain (not literally though) whereas smart work on the other only requires pinching your mind a bit.
  2. Hard work is a quality that every human being on this planet can acquire, irrespective of your educational background, social background, economic background, etc. Even a servant at your place has it stuffed in him or her easily. But smart work clearly doesn’t go that way. Not everybody is intelligent or talented enough by birth to implement smart work.
  3. Smart work is more of a mental effort and hard work on the other hand, is more leaned towards physical effort. Ofcourse you do require a working brain to implement hard work but the mental effort is comparatively less here.
  4. Hard work is more conspicuous than smart work. If you’re working in front of your boss for the entire day without break and completing the same work in just an hour, he’ll most likely get impressed by the first case. But hey, there are certain bosses who would appreciate the fact that you completed the given task in the shortest time possible. But most of the bosses would assume that you either didn’t complete the task accurately or you are lazy to put greater efforts into the task.

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Benefits Of Hard Work

Now, we’d go one by one from hard work to smart work. Since it’s a debate of hard work vs smart work,  we must hear out the talks of both the opposite sides. Let’s begin by hearing out the side of hard work first. So this is what hard work says:

  1. Though hard work requires a little effort, the results it gives are guaranteed. The people who work hard believe that the universe sees their efforts and pays them off for all of them. Hard working people believe that they can create their own destiny and thus are sure of the results.
  2. Consistent hard work and dedication can beat talent. If you’re constantly motivated, have a burning fire with you to achieve what you want and implement hard work, you can beat talent.
  3. Now this one’s a little controversial – people who implement smart work may become overconfident at times and not the ones who implement hard work. The one who works hard honestly accepts the fact that if he or she doesn’t work hard, the goal may not be achieved easily. They don’t take the risk of failure by procrastinating. They know that hard work is their only guaranteed weapon to success. On the other hand, the one who works smartly may at times be less serious or overconfident when it comes to putting efforts.
  4. Hard work beholds a whole different kind of satisfaction. When you put tons of efforts into something and then finally get the rewards you wished for, the happiness is felt more deeply. If you get something without working hard, you’ll be happy of course but not ‘purely’ happy. But when you work hard and get success, you proudly accept the trophy because you and everyone around you knows that you worked really hard to get it. Success tastes sweeter when the efforts you put in are more.

(P.S. – when I say about people who are ‘hardworking’ or the people who ‘work smartly’, I only mean they are either solely hard working or solely smart working. They don’t implement both the things together.)

Benefits Of Smart Work

Okay, now it’s time to hear out the side of ‘smart-workers’. Now the side of smart work is very sophisticated and on-point. Heart it out:

  1. Smart work has a very clear logic – don’t be a donkey and keep toiling day and night, be efficient and sharp. Smart work believes in less time, more work. So, smart work consequently saves more of your time than hard work could possibly do.
  2. Smart work doesn’t let you sweat as much as hard work does. It doesn’t believe in physical effort, it more interested in mental efforts.
  3. Smart works improves your analytical skills, critical thinking and innovative power. It makes your path towards a more intellectual version of yourself.
  4. Smart is well structured and planning-based unlike hard work where you may toil day and night aimlessly or without efficient utilization of your mental ability. This increases out productivity by saving time, money and efforts on doing something.
  5. Lesser amount of stress and broader piece of schedule left for doing other co-curricular activities. Once you finish the task assigned to you quickly, the remaining part of the day is all left to you for doing literally anything you want. Plus, you don’t have the stress or burden of the work so you chill relaxingly.

The 3 Equations Of Hard Work & Smart Work

Now let’s look at three equations of hard work vs smart work mentioned below. These three equations are formed from pondering hard work and smart work as the base. These equations create three categories of people around the globe. It’s assumed that you fall into one of these categories.

  • Hard Work – Smart Work

Now if you have a hard working soul and feel that you the so called intelligence or talent to work smartly, you fall into this category. You believe that you can work day and night but you probably do not have the caliber to work smart or you just aren’t willing to give pain to your brain.

  • Smart Work– Hard Work

If you fall into this category, you believe in putting efforts to train your brain than in working manually. You wish to get quick results with lesser efforts and thus eradicate hard work from your life.

  • –Smart Work – Hard Work

Oh yes, there are some people who wish to do neither hard work nor smart work. They only believe in luck. I’m sure there might some of you who fall into this category. This is the easiest category to choose and undeniably the least efficient one as well know!

Conclusion Of Hard Work VS Smart Work

Oh wait, did I forget to mention the last but the most significant equation? Well, you might have guessed it by now, it’s Hard Work + Smart Work!

After reading all the three equations mentioned above, you might not find surprising why this equation is the most fruitful equation. Like seriously, can you imagine combining the benefit of both smart work and hard work together? Just imagine the kind of miraculously fantastic result you’d get!

It does sound amazing right. The truth is how much ever hard work you put in, if you don’t direct into the apt direction with the help of smart work, it all goes in vain. Similarly, if you are amazingly smart but be overconfident or deny hard work, it takes you nowhere. Thus when I say hard work versus smart work, I don’t wish that you ‘choose’ between them.

‘Hard work vs Smart work’ is just a pointless debate, rewarding only of them would not lead you towards the success your eyes dream of. The more you drift them apart, they more you lose the essence of success.

If you think that you are not intelligent or smart enough to work hard then you are totally wrong. I agree that some people might be way intelligent than you but that surely doesn’t mean you aren’t smart.

Remember, smartness is just the way you train your brain. Most of you might be underestimating your mental caliber. You need to stop doing that and offer a little strain to your brain. It might seem tough at first  but eventually you’ll become an efficient smart worker too.

And the ones who hate hard work, you know the reason – you are lazy. Accept the truth that you don’t wish to put in efforts, you just need to get rid of the work quickly by pushing your brain a little. Stop doing that, stop running away from hard work. Embrace it once and see the marvelous results you get!

Thus I anticipate that the debate of Hard Work VS Smart Work might have now ceased to a permanent stop in your minds. Honestly, no book or blog would force you to conclude over hard work vs smart work. Since you are the boss of your own life, only you know what you want. Obviously external sources can aid you to get to the right direction because you may know what you want but may not know what’s right for you.


Thus, choosing what’s right for you is the key here. You must know what your priorities are and choose between options accordingly. Whether the choice between hard work vs smart work or between good or bad. If not now, then at some point of time, life will definitely make you mature enough to choose between the myriad of options that life unrolls before us.

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