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7 clever uses of silica gel-

Silica gets one of the most common things you have always seen while purchasing some new products. It also comes inside the products like new water bottles, new pairs of shoes, and other machinery products. It is used in these products to keep the moisture away from the box so that the product or any kind of food item always stays fresh at any cost. Silica gel is also used in some of the exotic food products by the manufacturers themselves. There are many clever ways in which you can use silica gel. Here are the seven ways in which you can use the silica gel cleverly.

  1. Wet phone recovery– you will be shocked to know that you can rescue your damp phone using silica gel. Silica gel helps the moisture to get out of the phone in a very rapid manner. You can remove the water, which is removable from the phone’s body after that, put the phone in a zip lock pouch, add some silica gel in it, and leave it for a few hours.
  2. Razorblade treatment– you have seen that if you store your shaving blades in a container and leave it for few days, they will start to get damaged. But if you keep all your shaving blades in a box and ass some of the silica gel in it, it will help prevent the blades from getting moisturized. By this method, you can use your blades for an extended period.
  3. Helps silverware– you have seen that the silverwares get tarnished if you don’t use it for a more extended period. It happens because of the environmental temperature. If you don’t want your silverware to get spoiled, you can keep the small packets of silica gel with them, and they will soak all of the moisture from the silverwares.
  4. Save your coffeeis one of the most common problems you can easily face in your day-to-day life. You have observed that once you open the coffee jar lid for use and leave it open for some time, the coffee powder gets jammed, making it useless. The best way to prevent this is that paste a small silica gel packet into the lid of the coffee jar. After that, every time you close it, it will absorb all the moisture from the coffee jar.
  5. Keeps your leather shoes in perfect condition– as we all know, there is no good combination between leather and moisture. You have seen that leather shoes usually get damaged due to humidity, and you cannot use them further. That’s why the leather shoe manufacturers get a bulk quantity of silica gels packets from the silica gel manufacturersto prevent the shoes from moisture attack.
  6. Saves windshield– you have marked this in most of the rainy and winter seasons that the car’s windshield usually gets moisture trapped inside them. It can lead to abysmal visibility, and you can face an accident in this situation. The best way to prevent water from getting trapped inside the windshield is to place some of the small packets of silica gel on the car’s dashboard nearer to the windshield. It will help in preventing the windshield from moisture.
  7. Gym bags – we all know that after a good session from the gym, we all get fully wet in sweats. After the gym, we store our towels, socks, shoes in the gym bag, and the smell remains in the bag for a very long time.


Silica gel desiccant is one of the most lifesaving tools through which you can keep many of your products in very good condition and moisture-free. The above are 7 ways in which you can use silica gel in a very clever way.

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