What is tantric massage and how does it work?

A tender, attentive, and present touch.

A tantric massage is a loving touch that is full of attention and presence, with no set form or outcome in mind. Tantra massage is performed with the heart in mind. The whole body is included in a tantric massage, and erogenous zones may be massaged. Of course, (mutual) limits must always be respected. Tantra massage is an energetic massage that also addresses sexual energy. Tantra massage is performed on an equal footing and creates an intimate bond between the massage provider and the massage recipient. Mentally, physiologically, at the level of the heart, and sometimes even at the level of the heart and soul. The goal of a tantric massage is to “bring” the recipient closer to a natural, blissful state of being. The result is often a great sense of bodily and emotional well-being. The receiver is usually extremely calm, flowing beautifully, and ending up nicely in the heart and upper realms.

The first and most important piece of advice is to be prepared.

Our first advice, which may seem self-evident, is that it is essential that you can provide a tantric massage from your heart. And that you may receive not only the touch of your body but also the touch of your heart. Also, you have experience with intimacy. Before you can offer or receive a tantric massage, you must be able to be personal with yourself.

Massage hints from the Tantra

Don’t try to achieve a particular objective.

A tantric massage, according to tantric massage southampton, is never the same. You never know how things will turn out. It’s not about the method or the intended sequence of the massage; it’s about what’s suitable and essential. What is the most pressing requirement of the recipient right now? What is beneficial to her/him? Love understands what to do and always responds appropriately. As a result, the massage will be precisely what is required. It is enough for the provider to be there and to continue tuning in to his or her heart, to the love vibrations. You can’t suppose that the divine has his or her own design. Tantric massages, as a result, often take an unexpected turn. Everything is part of a bigger picture. A tantric massage, for example, does not necessarily have to be “fine” and end in pleasure. A “failed” massage may be the start of something wonderful.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Of course, we’ve known it for a long time, but since the #MeToo disclosures, some new developments in the field of tantric massage have emerged. Masseurs (you don’t hear much about masseuses) who utilize “clients” to satisfy their own desires. That, of course, has nothing to do with tantric massage. Both the recipient and the giver’s safety must always be ensured. Always put loving attunement first.

Make explicit agreements ahead of time.

Except for those who are enlightened, everyone has limitations. This is both human and essential. So, both the provider and the recipient, consider your boundaries ahead of time. Allow for enough intake and preparation, as well as communication with your lover/massage partner. Make explicit agreements ahead of time: on mental and physical limits. It is a myth that a tantric massage must always be performed nude. It’s also OK to work with (hot) oil while dressed, but it’s more challenging. It’s also a myth that a tantric massage should concentrate on the sexual areas of the body like breasts and sex, which is rubbish. We have both given and received numerous tantric massages on only the head. Indeed, every cell is sensuous when exposed, and you will be astounded.

Think about the recipient’s wants and aspirations.

People often tell us that they “take” a tantric massage for a particular reason. Men want for a happy conclusion, whereas women often desire “healing.” It’s great if you have wants and desires, of course. However, keep in mind that it may potentially go in a completely other direction. It’s not as simple as getting a fast “Yoni (vaginal) massage” and using tantric massage as a rapid healing method.

Recognize that things may go in a variety of directions.

Of course, there is a desire, a purpose, behind every tantric massage, and that is great. It is critical that everyone understands the objectives and limits. However, it is sometimes different from what you had anticipated. So declare your desire(s) and then totally let go of them. Surrender and embrace whatever comes your way.

The massage is always energizing.

Activate it and allow it to flow freely once again.

Tantra massage is primarily concerned with activating and releasing the flow of life force (prana). Tantra massage is an energetic massage that also addresses sexual energy. The whole body is included in a tantric massage, and erogenous zones may be massaged. Of course, all of this is done while maintaining (mutual) limits. When it comes to generating life energy, sexual energy is crucial. We experiment with the activation of basic/sexual/emotional/passionate/love/creation/intuitive energy in tantric massage.

Begin with your heart.

Nothing is required, however, we recommend beginning the real massage with the heart (chakra) right after the initial attunement. It’s great to open the heart and activate the heart’s energy. The heart chakra is often (too) blocked in males, especially. It may be a great experience to open it on your own. It’s also a fantastic place to start for women. When the sex chakra is opened, the heart energy may be softly lowered and supported. Also, under the title “restored harmony and connection between sex and heart,” check the section below.

Self-love and awareness are very essential!

Much awareness and love (safety) are required while activating and feeding (sexual/emotional) energy. As a newborn, child, teenager, or adult, we encounter numerous circumstances that severely restrict our life energy. As a result, our energy system is divided (sex and heart). When we can’t fight or flee in high-impact circumstances, a lot of energy is stored in our bodies (frozen).

Triggers for massage

During a massage, touching and releasing both frozen energy (small/major emotional traumas) and physical tightness (armour) frequently results in a variety of responses. Most individuals have sexual taboos, injuries, and conditioning, and there are frequently a number of “triggers” at the sexual level. Tantra massage is an nó treatment, and both the provider and the recipient must be aware of this. It’s not a good idea to use too much energy and then relax it too fast. A positive result is ensured through consciousness (excellent observation) and loving attunement.

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