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Some of Most Delicious Food of Philippines

Most Delicious Food of Philippine is as famous as its neighbors Thailand and Vietnam. Despite the unique and unexpected crunch of the balut, the food of the Philippines is full of so many delicious and diverse flavors to discover. The variety of dishes fully illustrates the rich history of this country. That has undergone tremendous changes over time. Filipino cuisine is more than exciting with a wealth of seafood, tropical fruits, and creative chefs. What we noticed the most is how excellent Filipino food is from all its Asian neighbors. It’s like we have tried in every other Asian country we have visited. But with more than 7,000 islands and living history, this archipelago has its own delicacies.


If slimy worms are not your dish, then there is another Philippine’s Delicious Food for those who take part in the adventure of Kamaru. Although many people call them rice field barbecues because they are ubiquitous in rice fields. Crickets are rich in vitamin B and protein, and even if they are challenging to catch, they are very cheap. Kamaru is a delicacy in Pampanga Province, usually made by cooking. Grill in vinegar and oil, then fry in oil with onions and chopped tomatoes.


These crispy fried sandwiches that were brought to the Philippines by Chinese merchants (like most people). Spring rolls), Filipinos have adopted this dish and made their own. The Philippine spring roll is called Lumpia, which is slightly different from other Most Delicious Food. Lumpia is made with a fragile wrapper made from only rice flour, water, and salt. Traditionally, they are more delicate and longer than other types of spring rolls, although they are now available in many sizes. They’re filling with minced meat and vegetables; the specifics vary depending on the region.

Pancit palabok

Every noodle dish in the Philippines called “pancite.”Pancit Merbok (also called prawn noodles) is one of our favorites. Although the Chinese brought the basics of Panzit to the Philippines. The word Pancit palabok is one of the resulting complete Philippine’s Delicious Food. Pancit Palabraok is making by pouring creamy bright orange shrimp paste. Spread the noodles and layer the pork, hard-boiled eggs, prawns, and other ingredients. Mix everything to make this delicious dish full of flavor. The annatto powder in the shrimp paste presents its characteristic bright orange color.


While tamilok’s called a woodworm it’s technically a kind of shell-less mollusk. They inhabit the mangrove forests of the Philippines because they thrive in saltwater. And hide in the decaying woods inundated to enjoy their food. Because they are hard to find (you have to trek through the mangroves to find them, logs immersed in water. And opened) considered a delicacy in the Philippines. If you can swallow a long gray worm, you will find that its taste and texture arelikeo those of raw oysters. Tamilok is usually served ceviche-style raw, with coconut vinegar, salt, and chili for dipping.


Lehon is the “little pig” in Latin American tradition. It is literally an entire young pig fed upon just its mother’s milk, roasting over charcoal for many hours. Suckling pig is also considered the national Philippine’s Delicious Food. Cebu City is supposed to be one of the most famous pig-producing areas in the country. Suckling pigs are also popular in Spain and most Latin America and are usually used for special occasions.

Halo Halo

This is the last and most famous thing of all Philppine’s Desserts Food. It is served in a tall glass and mixed with ice cubes, condensed milk, and some delicious snacks. This includes cooked beans, chickpeas (“chickpeas”), sugar palm fruits (“kaong”), Jackfruit, and tapioca flour. As well as sweet potatoes, sweet beans, coconut gel, ice cream, guava sauce, purple yam.

Arroz Caldo

Arroz Caldo is the equal of Filipino porridge. It is a popular breakfast and communal meal. All our Filipino friends swear to their delicious Philippine’s Delicious Food. It was initially a chicken soup, cooked rice with chicken soup in water. But, unlike chicken soup, the mixture boils for longer until it turns into a thick porridge. This is the Arroz caldo then add ginger and garnish with fried garlic, garlic, and black pepper. It is usually eaten with calamansi or fish sauce as a condiment and also with hard-boiled eggs.


These all-tasty dishes are mostly liked by the Philippines. It’s like we have tried in every other Asian country we have visited. In particular, the strong influence of the USA and Spain, both former colonizers of the Philippines over the last 500 years. All these dishes are the most popular and healthiest dishes in the Philippines.

Most Delicious Food is known for its positive values, taste and its natural fragrance. And the ability of Philippine’s to face whatever challenges of their life brings a smile on their face. On top of that, they are also famous for having a great passion for food to the point of considering eating as a hobby.

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