What Do They Do In A Sports Massage?

Unlike the typical massage, sports massage involves stimulation of inactive muscles, which releases tension, refining the state of the soft tissue.

Sports massage does not focus on the whole body rather specific parts of the body that are subjected to injury during physical activity.

This massage aims to relieve muscles, provide healing, reduce the risk of injury, and increase endurance.

Why Do You Need A Sports Massage?

  • If you are trying to improve your athletic performance, a sports massage comes in handy. It increases flexibility and range of motion during physical activity.
  • It relaxes sore muscles and prevents the delayed onset muscle soreness experienced after exercises.
  • It decreases stress levels and creates a relaxed mood; thus, an athlete can rest and get enough sleep.
  • The massage treats some injuries and fastens the healing process by disintegrating the build-up of lactic acid.
  • If you feel pain during physical activity, for instance, when running or jogging, sports massage will help in reducing the pain.

What Happens During A Session

Before a massage session happens, the client gets to meet with a specialist for consultation. An examination is necessary to determine the area on the body that is going to need therapy. 

You get to lie on a massage table, and the therapist gets to work on the target areas. The therapist is highly trained to work on your affected parts while still making you not feel unnecessary discomfort.

Some approaches are adopted when administering sports therapy massage;

  • Soft Tissue Release

Therapists use this technique to apply direct contact to tissues to enhance the flexibility of muscles. 

  • Fascial Release

It is used to stretch fibrous tissue around organs within the body. The fascia can become stiff due to poor posture leading to reduced flexibility.

  • Trigger Pointing 

The process is quite uncomfortable as it involves applying direct pressure to the trigger point.

A session usually lasts between 1- 2 hours, and charges are applied by the hour.

Physiotherapy in Singapore offers professional and high-quality services for their clients.

Benefits of A Sports Massage Include:

A sports massage is essential to not only athletes but also individuals who perform physical activities. It can be done before, during, or after an activity.

  • It prevents injuries that are associated with physical exercises. Reduces the chances of getting injured when engaging in an activity. 
  • Speeds up the recovery process after an injury by flushing out waste products that cause muscle pain. 
  • Increases flexibility and joint range of motion by relaxing tight muscles.
  • It increases the endurance of athletes during exercise. 
  • It lowers stress levels and decreases pain and soreness by producing endorphins which is a happy hormone.
  • Get enough rest and sleep that helps in having a clear, relaxed mind which boosts their performance.

Unlike deep tissue massage, sports massage can be pretty unpleasant, 

but the aim is to relax muscle tension and provide healing. 

At the end of the session, you may feel sore in the targeted areas, which is good. It shows the impact of the sports massage has been felt, and the pain will disappear in a few days. 


Finally, a good sports massage concentrates on the area subjected to injury, considering the type of activities one participates in.

A sports massage can be delivered by a professional massage therapist in a Sports Injury Clinic in Singapore. A trained physiotherapist who can offer satisfying results.

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