Step-by-Step Guide to Renew Trade License in Dubai

LLC license renewal cost in Dubai is one of the most frequently asked questions by foreign investors. That’s because while opening a limited liability company in Dubai is easy, you would need to get your trade license renewed every year to conduct business activities seamlessly in the UAE. Trade license renewal is a hassle-free process in Dubai that lets you keep on leveraging the world-class infrastructure, the burgeoning economy, and the supporting workforce without any worries.  

 If you’re already running an LLC company, you probably know the licensing requirements in Dubai. All business establishments need a license to conduct trade operations regardless of whether they’re selling products or services. While every business must apply for a license to start their trade operations, they also have to apply for its renewal from time to time. Moreover, LLC license renewal cost in Dubai depends on the type of products or services you’re selling. For example, if you’re offering medical services, selling weapons, alcohol, etc., you’re required to take special permissions from the UAE government and therefore apply for special trade licenses. But, before you get started with the license renewal process, you must be prepared with the documents and information in advance.  

What is the Process to Renew Your LLC License in Dubai? 

  1. Ensure Your Tenancy Agreement Validity 

One of the essential things to ensure is the validity of your tenancy agreement. While applying for a trade license, you must still have at least one month of validity remaining for your tenancy contract. If you do not have this, chances are your trade license renewal application will be rejected by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. So, ensure that your tenancy contract is still valid while getting it attested or approved by the Ejari. It’s best that you do not postpone your renewal application to the last moment. 

  1. Obtain the Relevant Approvals 

Obtain all the necessary approvals from the respective authorities before filing your application. If you’re applying for a general trading license, you can skip this step. However, suppose your business involves any special approvals like food, weapons, alcohol, etc. In that case, you must seek the government agency’s approval before initiating your application and paying the Dubai trade license renewal fees

  1. Fill the License Renewal Application

The next step is to apply for the renewal license by filling the form. Once you have the documents ready with you, you can start filling the BR/1 form. The BR/1 form is a typed form that asks for several details about your business and its identification for renewing the trade license. The proof of the information you write in the form must be attached and sent to the Department of Economic Development. The best part is that both the application form and documents can be submitted online.

  1. Receive the Payment Voucher 

Once you submit your application form along with the respective attachments, you will be sent a payment voucher by the Department of Economic Development. The payment voucher is like a token that has to be used to pay the LLC trade license renewal cost in Dubai. Make sure you pay the fees in time upon receiving the payment voucher. Once you submit the payment, your application will be hundred percent complete.  

  1. Pay the Fees 

In the last step of the trade renewal application, you have to pay the trade license Dubai fees. There are different modes of payment allowed online, and you can leverage any of these. Once your payment is submitted, it is verified by the Department of Economic Development. Upon successful verification, your trade license is successfully renewed.  

What are the Documents Required for Trade License Renewal in Dubai Mainland? 

The mainland is one of the best locations to start a business in Dubai. It offers you the advantage of a strategic location and seamless access to the UAE market. To renew a trade license in Dubai mainland, you need to have certain documents ready that are required in the application process. These documents have to be submitted to the Department of Economic Development.  

  • A photocopy of the tenancy contract, which has at least one month of validity remaining. The same should also be attested by the Ejari. 
  • Copy of the existing trade license of your business 
  • Copies of passports of all business stakeholders. In case you’re the sole owner, you only need to submit a copy of your passport.  
  • A typed BR/1 form, which is the application form for the renewal process 

 What are the Documents Required for Trade License Renewal in Dubai Freezone?

 The trade license renewal process for the free zone is slightly different from the mainland. In this case, renewal applications are not submitted to the Department of Economic Development. Instead, they are applied to and approved by the independent free zone authority. Depending on your business type and free zone, there might be a slightly varying list of documentation and procedure for renewing the trade license. Generally, the following might be required-  

  • No objection certificate in it is applicable for your business 
  • Certificate of continuity of business existence like the current trade license 

What is the LLC License Renewal Cost in Dubai

The LLC license renewal cost in Dubai varies depending on your business type and requirements. For example, parameters like setup type, business sector, size, etc., are evaluated during your trade license fee calculation. However, the standard range of LLC trade license renewal cost in Dubai varies between AED 8,000 to AED 15,000.  

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