What are Epicanthoplasty and Lateral canthoplasty?

Canthoplasty is a type of eyelid restorative medical procedure that reshapes the edges of the eye where the upper and lower eyelids meet. It is a usually utilized method to reshape and extend the eyes in individuals of East Asian drop.

What are Epicanthoplasty and Lateral canthoplasty?

Little eyes are exceptionally disagreeable in most Asian societies, conveying the heartbreaking implications of looking either tricky or unintelligent and vacant. Before we plunge into the subtleties of what causes this appearance of little eyes and how this is amended, beneath are a few terms you ought to know about:

– The canthus: this refers to either corner of the eye where the upper and lower eyelids meet. The inner corner of the eye (the part that is closer to the nose) is known as the medial canthus while the outer corner is referred to as the lateral canthus.

– The epicanthic fold: this is a fold in the skin of the upper eyelid that covers the inner corner of the eye and is a genetically inherited trait that is common in people of East Asian descent.

If your canthus (outer or inner corner of the eye) is covered by skin, your eyes look smaller and ‘stuffy’. Epicanthoplasty and Lateral canthoplasty are eye surgeries that help your eyes look larger and brighter, making your overall appearance much softer and clearer. These surgeries were initially performed in the West to repair eyelid dysfunction but were recast by Korean plastic surgeons as cosmetic surgeries to make the eyes appear more attractive. Distinct from the double eyelid surgery which alters the vertical dimensions of the eyes, epicanthoplasty and Lateral canthoplasty affects the horizontal dimensions by altering the inner and outer corner of the eyes.

Epicanthoplasty is performed to eliminate the epicanthal fold, or so-called the “Mongolian fold” and enlarge the opening of the inner corner of the eye. Epicanthal fold is a portion of eyelid skin obstructing the inner corner of the eye and, thereby, impairing the beauty of the eye by making it look sleepy, horizontally short, and widely spaced. By opening the inner corner of the eye, the surgery decreases the intercanthal distance, making the eyes appear to be closer together, closer to the ideal ratio between the eyes and intercanthal distance of 1:1. It also reveals the medial half of the eyes making the eyes appear bigger, softer and more natural and expressive.

How is Epicanthoplasty performed?

Prior to the medical procedure, the seriousness of the epicanthal crease is surveyed during the pre-careful assessment measure. The doctor then, at that point works out how wide your internal eyelids will be cut and denotes the cuts with a pen. Nearby sedation is infused around the eyes to dispense with torment. During the medical procedure, you are alert to speak with the specialist. The specialist utilizes the pre-arranging imprints to rebuild the state of the internal eyelid by making little folds through the entry points. Abundance skin and fat are taken out during the cycle. After the epicanthal overlap is effectively modified, the doctor shuts the open skin overlays via cautiously stitching the region.


The activity takes under 30 minutes. No hospitalization is needed since it is a somewhat straightforward medical procedure. Be that as it may, somewhere around 1 or 2 hours are expected to chill the eyes off before the patient is permitted to leave the center. Lines are eliminated following 5-7 days, contingent upon the thickness of the skin and speed of recuperation. Since eyelids would show up bizarrely enlarged after the medical procedure, a recuperation time of about fourteen days is suggested for the patients. Agony prescription is endorsed to control torment after a medical procedure, and eye cosmetics isn’t suggested until the fastens are eliminated.

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