Keep Your Lips Healthy with an Expert’s Lipstick Buying Guide

We’re guessing lipstick is your favourite makeup item too. We’re not surprised; your lips are the key to your personality. The way you talk says a lot about you and your confidence, and your lip colour says a lot about your personality.

But we understand that there are many lipsticks and so many shades that it can get overwhelming. So to help it become less overwhelming, we’ve created this guide.

Types of Lipsticks

There are many types of lipstick in the market, the basic lipstick shades and the not so basic ones. One can’t stop at just a few. So let’s look at them so that you can have lipsticks for every occasion:

Sheer Lipstick: 

Sheer lipsticks are for dry, chapped lips. They have moisturising oils in them and add a subtle pop of colour to your lips and a hint of shine, perfect for everyday wear. The only drawback is that this type of lipstick is not long-lasting and requires touching up pretty often.

Matte Lipstick: 

This type of lipstick gives you a smooth, even texture with a classy finish. In addition, these lipsticks are pretty long-lasting and marvellous for patchy or pigmented lips because of their excellent coverage. One tip is to use a little bit of lip balm before applying these lipsticks since they can be a little drying.

Glossy Lipstick:

The shiny, watery finish of these lipsticks truly makes your lips look plump and accentuates your pout. These lipsticks are available in liquid or stick form and are hydrating. In addition, they offer medium coverage and give you the same finish as a lip gloss!

Creme Lipstick:

You get a combination of texture and gloss with these lipsticks. They are easy to glide on your lips and usually have nourishing oils as ingredients and a high quantity of wax, giving them a smooth, buttery texture. The coverage of these lipsticks usually depends on the shade and is best for cold climates since they can melt in hot weather.

Stains or Lip Tints:

These are made for you if you want something that lasts all day, and you don’t want to touch up your lips even once. These lipsticks leave your lips with a vibrant stain that stays all day, minus the shine. They’re a bit sheer since they last so long; sometimes, even makeup remover can’t remove them! But you can use multiple layers to build up coverage, and they are effortless to layer.

Liquid Matte Lipsticks:

These are the newest type of lipstick but are quickly becoming everyone’s favourite. The only con to matte lipsticks is that they dry out your lips. These lipsticks are the solution to that problem! They are moisturising and give you that matte, smooth, even look that you’re craving. They’re just as pigmented and have a high coverage as well.

Matte Balms:

If you’re a beginner at lipstick, these lipsticks in disguise are your best friend! They are moisturising but give you a beautiful matte finish with medium coverage and the easiest to use. They’re also multipurpose and can work as blushes or eyeshadows, and they’re pretty long-lasting too.

Balm Tints:

Balm tints are hybrids between lipstick and lip balm, great for everyday use. They have sheer coverage, but they give you a natural finish and often come with an added SPF!

How to Choose the Correct Lipstick Shade?

You’ve read about all the different lipstick types and probably made up your mind about the one you think would suit you best. But that isn’t the only thing to consider before buying a lipstick; you also need to consider the shade of lipstick before you buy one. Here are the different types of lipstick and what you should consider before making a purchase!

1) Nude Shades: Nude lipsticks are usually closer to your skin tone. It is probably one of the most popular shades of lipstick. But you need to be careful if you have ashen skin or dusky skin because nude lipstick can make you look a little washed out. Make sure you choose a shade that is close to your skin tone but not the same.

2) Brown Shades: These lipsticks never go out of style. It’s essential in every makeup lover’s makeup kit but, beware that your attire needs to complement the lipstick. Make sure the shades don’t match precisely if your outfit is brown too. On the other hand, if you have copper highlights or red highlights, then brown lipstick is a perfect match for you.

3) Red Shades: A red lip can make you feel like a Hollywood star. These lipsticks are a classic; they can be both retro and modern and can elevate any outfit. There are many types of red lipstick, maroon shades, berry shades, and so on. Rumour has it that every person has a red lipstick that suits them perfectly; they need to find it!

4) Coral Shades: These shades suit almost all Indian skin tones. They give you a soft, delicate look while also making you look classy and mature. It also plays well with bold eye makeup!

There are millions of lipsticks out there, and yes, even with a guide, it gets much more manageable. The best way to find lipstick for yourself is to actually either swatch them on your skin or scan through shades online to find the perfect one that catches your eye. You can look for brands like Maybelline lipsticks, Lakme lipsticks, Sugar lipsticks,  Chambor lipstick etc., and find the best lipsticks that suit you.

Go ahead and make your lip the focal point of your face. Then, perfect the art of keeping them healthy with mild exfoliation and constantly moisturised so that your lipstick looks its best on you.

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