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How to Wear and Care for Invisalign

It’s so great that you have decided to treat that malocclusion with the efficacious and nearly invisible orthodontic treatment called Invisalign. Who wouldn’t want a straighter smile while looking like nothing is going on in their mouth? But when using Invisalign, it is important to follow the rules to get the best results. This is why this post is for you. Yes, if you have done invisalign treatment then you should know Invisalign wear and care like you know your name.

So, we begin with…

What you should know about wearing Invisalign

Here’s how you should wear your Invisalign:

  • Put on your clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day, removing them only when you need to eat, drink, brush and floss your teeth
  • Put on the first three sets of trays for a period of 2 weeks. If the aligners give a good fit around your teeth, we may recommend wearing the next set for 7 to 10 days
  • You shouldn’t eat or drink anything other than cold water if you wear your aligners; they may get stained or damaged
  • To take off your aligners, start by freeing them from all corners of your teeth. Hold the back of the aligners and remove them from both sides at the same time. Avoid tugging or pulling your trays from the front. Don’t even pull them from one side as they can get broken
  • For cases of missing or damaged aligners, give us a call at once
  • Follow the instructions on wearing your Invisalign – it’s critical. If your teeth movement does not follow the plan, the next set of aligners will have problems fitting
  • Don’t throw away your previous set of trays. If your current aligners are missing or damaged, we might advise you to reuse the old ones

The next important thing is…

Caring for your Invisalign

Of course, as a removable orthodontic treatment, it is essential to take care of your aligner trays. And here is just how to do that:

  • Get a case for your trays to store them when not in use. This will minimise the risk of losing or damaging them when left in the open
  • In the same way, you clean your teeth, use a toothbrush and cold water to remove unwanted material from your aligners. Avoid using toothpaste to clean your aligners, as it can make them defective
  • For a fresher and cleaner aligner, clean your trays with Invisalign cleaning crystals or Retainer Brite
  • You should never use hot water to clean your Invisalign. The high temperature will deform the trays – they are made of clear plastic. And this will lead to having ill-fitting aligners

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t wear an aligner, what should I do?

If your aligner is lost or broken, switch to the next set of aligners. But make sure you make up for the lost wearing time by adding extra days. Put on the other aligner as you should.

If you have trouble wearing the new aligner, eat some chewies – they’ll help make the trays more comfortable around your teeth. Where your aligners do not properly fit, we can advise you when you call. Do not skip more than a set of trays.

If my attachment falls off, what should I do?

Most Invisalign wearers also use attachments to support the aligners. It is possible they might fall off. However, if this should be the case, call us for advice. If you have less than three attachments that have come off, there may be no need for immediate replacement.

How can I stop discomfort from my aligners?

For first time wearers, Invisalign can cause some irritation inside your cheeks and tongue. But we can give you a mouth ulcer gel to stop the discomfort.

Where your aligner has got some sharp edges, you can use a nail file and gently smoothen the edge.

Is toothache normal when using Invisalign?

As you start wearing Invisalign, your teeth begin to move, and as they do so, you may experience some toothache which may last one to two days. Since this is quite common, we advise that you change into a new set of trays at night. This would help you sleep through any pain the aligners can cause. And, of course, you may take over-the-counter pain medications to soothe the pain.

With this guide, you can have the best experience and result with Invisalign. You can visit London Braces for more advice on Invisalign. And if you still have any other questions, our team will be glad to answer them. You should book an appointment with us now.

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