What is Terp Sauce?

The world of cannabis may be very confusing for those who are now entering it with the government’s restrictions being taken off. So many strains and so many products can make anyone feel lost. However, nowadays is easier to find information about it. Today, I’m going to inform you about what is terp sauce and how to use it.

Terp sauce is a terpene-rich sauce, that’s why it is called “terp (from terpene) sauce”. But what is a sauce, and what is a terpene?

A sauce is a term used to describe an incredibly flavorful cannabis’ extract that is sticky and liquid such as marmalade or juice is. It has a very inconsistent texture, though, so it can be thick, thin, gritty, or even look like big diamonds floating in a pool of golden syrup. Don’t worry if the texture is not always the same. It is called sauce because of its texture, colour, and overall appearance, and not because of its quality.

What is a Terpene?

A terpene is the part of the cannabis plant responsible for its rich flavor and unique aroma and it also provides some famous psychotropic effects. It also provides some positive benefits with cannabinoids and other compounds found in the plant because of the Entourage Effect, where these compounds together provide great benefits because of their connection. Terpenes can be found in other plants.

Although this sauce is rich in terpenes, it still has other important compounds so everything can work just fine together. Overall, a typical terp sauce has more than 50% of terpenes in its composition, so terpenes are the major part of its formula.

Terp sauce is not easy to produce, especially at home, so be sure to be buying it from trustworthy and safe places. Always buy one made of a high-quality strain with large amounts of terpenes and high levels of THC since that will determine the quality of the final product.

You can smoke terp sauce as you would with any other concentrate, oil, or extract. If you never used it before, please be careful and start with a small glass dab rig. Some people add terp pearls to make it more consistent and make the heating more efficient.

Of course, you can just add it to your blunt or joint, or even use a portable vaporizer, a terp pen, a sauce cart, a dab, or more.

Just remember that terpenes are sensible compounds. They are very volatile and delicate, so if you want to enjoy them the most, you need to be careful with the temperature and use the proper equipment. Do a little bit of research before smoking it.If you are looking for a high-quality MoM dispensary where you can safely buy some amazing terp sauce made following all the health protocols, you are with luck today. Matrix Extracts is one of the most popular dispensaries in Canada, and they have a very high standard for their products. Check their online catalog and treat yourself to some good terp sauce. If you are not convinced, take their free shatter sample to see the quality

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