Meth Addiction And Withdrawal: Timelines, Treatment And Recovery

An addiction can be of many kinds, but the worst which induces chemical reactions in our body. Yes, you probably know which kind we are talking about. Yes, we are talking about drug addiction. The deadliest of all kinds and it can be difficult to get out of the clutches of addiction, but it is not impossible.

Today, we will be focusing on a deadly addiction called methamphetamine, popularly known as meth. If you are currently suffering from meth addiction or know someone who you would want to help, you have reached the right place.

In the excerpt below, we will be discussing what to do about the treatment procedures and recovery programs that can help you or someone else with meth addiction.

What Is Methamphetamine Or Meth?

Methamphetamine or meth is a stimulant drug that directly affects one’s nervous system. It is used very carefully as a second-line treatment drug, but most commonly, we know meth to be a recreational drug.

Different Health Issues Caused By Methamphetamine

Here are the different health issues that can be caused by regular abuse of meth. These are also the symptoms you can check out for if you suspect someone sloe to be suffering from meth addiction.

Episode Of Psychosis

These are not regular moments of frustration or hostile behavior. Instead, these are psychotic episodes where patients can completely lose themselves. Their behavior starts getting stranger every passing minute and leads to severe panic attacks or seizures.


Since meth affects the nervous system so drastically, it can cause hyper activeness. This might not dial down even after hours, and having sleeping problems is one of the side effects. Patients have even gone two days without a single ounce of sleep.


Meth not just sucks the life out of your body; it also sucks all the moisture. As a result, you will start having dry, flaky skin and dry lips. Plus, you will be dehydrated more because all the consumed water is used by the chemical-induced in the body.

Increased Age

If someone is taking meth for a very long time, they might even start looking older than they originally are. This is known as the increased age phenomenon, which most chemical recreation drugs have. The skin loosens, and the teeth decay without any aging properties.

Suicidal Thoughts

When someone suffers from meth addiction for a long time, their body dependency on the substance is an acre. Even a few hours without the drugs can make them so depressed that they will start getting excessive cravings.It feels like there is no escape from this drug.

The Recovery Program Of Meth Addiction

No matter how much it feels like it is the end of the world, it is not. There are proper procedures and recovery programs that can help a patient through this difficult time. These recovery programs are professionally certified and are known for giving the best medical treatment and psychological care. These are the recovery programs you can look for.

Medical Detox

When you enroll in a detoxification center for meth addiction, the first thing they will do is to clean your body. This is done by prescribing medicines that clean the system and minimize the withdrawal symptoms. The patient is supervised 24/7 under the vicinity during this medical detox. At the same time, their body is monitored by doctors to understand the reaction properly.


During the intensive recovery of meth addiction, the patient goes through numerous therapy. Starting from cognitive behavioral therapy, withdrawal therapy, to post-withdrawal therapy. This is required to understand the mental health problems that the person is suffering from, leading to addiction. Plus, the current environment they dwell in and the triggers that might worsen it.

The patient also learns a lot about their addiction through these therapies.

Withdrawal Care

Since the body gets dependent on meth very easily, the withdrawal symptoms aren’t easy. Patients often fall into a ‘crash’ period which can cause seizures. However, death is not fear during withdrawal.

Especially when the recovery treatment center has professionals who know exactly how to deal with the situation, they will take care of the patients and give them a healthy, comfortable environment to deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

Family Therapy

This part generally comes after the withdrawal when the person is halfway recovered. This is when the family is called upon, and the therapist talks to them along with the patient present.

The professional talks about rectifying the family environment so that the patient doesn’t fall into relapses. This is where the patient is given the opportunity to discuss any unresolved family issues and talk about the triggers that may have caused the addiction.

Family therapy is very important because even after recovery, there is a possibility that people will have some troubles with late withdrawals.

Treatment Suitable For Meth Addiction

The treatment suitable for a patient with meth addiction is always inpatient treatment. This is because the chances of relapsing will be less when they are put inside a facility with professionals everywhere.

It should always start with a medical detox and then rehabilitation, where you admit the patient until they are mentally recovered. Once they are recovered from therapies and group sessions, that is when they should continue the rest of the treatment from home.

The treatment can take up to more than two months or even six months, depending on the addiction level.

Final Note

Meth addiction is painful, and there is no point denying it, but with the right treatment, it can be cured.

The first thing a patient needs to do is accept the problem, as it is quite visible to everyone else. Then, if you are suffering from this addiction, you can go to a private inpatient facility. You do not have to talk about it with everyone. Just ensure that you are talking to the right person when you are seeking help. If not, then the best thing would be to talk to a therapist.

Recovery is possible with determination!


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