Why is Chocolate Decoration important?

The garnish of chocolate or any kind of topping with Chocolate makes the perfect addition to any dessert. If one prefers chocolate decorations it is important for them to store the decorations in a room that is around 20°C so that it would stay shiny as well as beautiful. The proper use of chocolate be it any task can make food desserts look tempting, appealing and of significant worth at the same time. Desserts gather a lot of attention if they are decorated in a nice manner and the demand increases at the same time.

How does Barbara Decor help in Chocolate Decorations?

The brand namely Barbara Decor was established by Barbara Luijckx as a result of natural practicing in the environment for Company’s activities through the art of beautiful Chocolate Decoration. Barbara Decor has a concept of enhancing the tradition along with the promotion of new trends. Aims at providing and developing innovative patterns as well as Unique designs in a proffessional environment.

What are the properties of Barbara Decor?

In the production process it is made sure that high quality chocolate is being used. The company aims at offering premium quality products that are combined with state of the art technology and manufacturing standards.

Three steps to master the art of decoration: 

The company solely acts upon these steps to master the art of decoration. Those these steps are stated as follows:


The production of premium products is ensured which are made with high quality pure chocolate, consistency of ingredients, top quality look as well as taste.


Advanced production processes and high quality innovation based on high proprietary knowledge is brought into action.


Incorporation of unique designs in extensive product lines by using Trendy, Top Art, Print Art and Multicolour 3D.

What is the mission of Barbara Decor?

Since 1991, it has been the mission and passion of team to create and produce decorations, chocolate accessories as well as semi-finished products. The aim is to solely rely on self-set high standards of quality and customer care. Barbara Decor offers the courses where once could enhance the skills as well as the enable one to become the most creative. So it is the best opportunity for all the enthusiasts out there if they wish to build their knowledge as well as experience. The company aims at developing such a space where designs and professionalism are combined together in order to produce the most amazing products of  chocolate decorations. The academy comes out as the name of “Inspiration” and offers courses in various food fields such as cakes and pastries, tart and mono portions, pralines and truffles, plated desserts along with tailored training.


Barbara Luijckx created a label in response to the fastly raising market interest in the chocolate products. The ingredients of products include:

Chocolates, Nut products, Marzipan, Sugar paste, fondants and a unique selection of food colours. Keeping in view the demand of market the company has been promoting Belgian chocolates under some of the labels.


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