Picosecond laser skin rejuvenation treatment

The PicoSure honeycomb picosecond laser is the world’s first and the only FDA-approved 755 picosecond Alexandrite cosmetic laser system. Provides multi-functional beauty effects, including removing tattoos, acne bump treatment, removing different spots and treating fine lines.

Sun protection is really done 365 days a year. Whether indoors or outdoors, there will be ultraviolet rays and there will be a chance to form melanin, so sun protection is indispensable.

But sometimes, no matter how adequate the sunscreen is, it will sometimes lose to the strong ultraviolet rays, and be taken advantage of by melanin, forming stains, and even fine lines. Therefore, 皮秒 is one of the most popular medical treatments. Pico spot removal can lighten the formed spots and help prevent the formation of spots.

Picosecond-shallow and deep spots

Although the light spots on the surface will affect the appearance, the good part of the light spots is that you can see them, and you will find a way to eliminate them in time, such as Pico picoseconds. And relatively deep spots, light spots are easier to solve. The light spots are mostly “freckles” or “sunburns.”

On the contrary, deep stains may not appear on the surface of the skin, so there will be an illusion that you are not troubled by stains, but when they slowly emerge, it may be too late, and it will take more time and more to do. Pico laser picosecond spot removal treatment to eliminate them.

However, with the development of Pico technology, picoseconds have been able to improve the problem of stains, and picosecond lasers have greatly reduced the problem of melanin. The different Pico devices on the market can basically improve shallow stains. PicoSure can also target deep melanin, so that both deep and light spots can be eliminated at the same time.

Picosecond laser

The picosecond spot removal effect is faster and more obvious than the general traditional laser. The picosecond laser uses the “picosecond” as the unit, which means one trillionth of a second, and the Pico laser and traditional laser spot removal use the “nanosecond” Compared with the unit, the Pico picosecond pulse time is nearly 10 times faster. Pico spot removal can crush the melanin in the surface and bottom layers of the skin at a very fast speed, and then excrete it from the body through body metabolism.

Pico picosecond spot removal is faster than traditional laser spot removal and can crush melanin. Because the pulse time of Pico laser is very short, the chance of anti-blackness of picosecond laser is also lower. Pico spot removal can help reduce the re-emergence of melanin. The opportunity to prevent the formation of melanin from the deep. Pico picoseconds have a significant improvement effect on different types of melanin, such as sunburn, freckles, age spots, etc.

Pico laser Pico second laser has many types

There are many Pico models on the market. PicoSure is the king of the picosecond world. It has the title of “Picosecond Ferrari”. You can imagine how powerful it is in Pico laser!

Generally, there are three main wavelengths of Pico, which are 532nm, 755nm and 1064nm. The latest generation of PicoSure is the world’s first picosecond laser instrument with three wavelengths. It has also been certified by the US FDA for breaking up melanin. The combination of PicoSure with honeycomb lens can help improve concave-convex holes and fine lines.


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