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07 Sure Shot Tips to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

What is Prenatal Care: What it Brings to You?

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful yet stressful experience woman can go through if they are not prepared for what lies ahead. Pregnancy means a woman is now going to care for two persons, not one. This requires prenatal care and is necessary for the baby as well as the mother for a healthy life post-pregnancy.

Prenatal care demands that certain measures be taken and kept in mind while being on board with a baby such as eating healthy, keeping exercise in routine and etc. It involves getting in touch with a gynecologist and regularly getting a check-up done for any concerns that one may have.

Starting from the early 6 to 12 weeks prenatal care goes all the way to postpartum care. If there is no or little prenatal care, it may lead to you having an unhealthy pregnancy and affect the formation of the baby. Frequent visits to doctors can easily diagnose any problem or concern there might be by the doctor.

Importance of Prenatal Care and How it Supports your Healthy Pregnancy

Prenatal care is vital for a healthy pregnancy because it involves a number of factors that are normally not paid much attention to but need to be addressed with discipline. As a mother. One should know the basics of prenatal care so they are kept in mind while going through their daily routines such as avoiding alcohol consumption or smoking etc. Prenatal care supports healthy pregnancy by providing the mother and baby with the medication, exercise or mental peace they require throughout the pregnancy.

07 Amazing Tips to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is anew for not just the mother but also those around her. There are a number of factors that need to be kept in mind and the mother alone cannot just do it. The care needs to be extended by everyone at home as well as at work. Here is a list of tips that may help you stay healthy during pregnancy if you are pregnant for the first time or you plan to be one or you have someone around you who might be pregnant.

Get A Prenatal Vitamin

Doctors cannot stress enough how important prenatal vitamins are for the mother and the child. There are many deficiencies in our body that even after we try we cannot fulfill through our normal diet. The mark can only be achieved if you take your vitamin. It helps in the development of bones in the baby and its deficiency leads to a deformed or improper spine.

Similarly, vitamin C, D and iron deficiency have their own cons as well. Also, keep a check on the side effects of the other medications you might be on and should you continue with them or change their frequency. It is not recommended to take extra medications unnecessarily even in normal life, they pose even more risk while being pregnant.

Eat Rich and Healthy Foods

Food and eating habits have a direct impact on the health of the baby and the mother. The foods you eat should be rich in vitamins and folic acid that improve the development of the baby. The foods you eat should not be too oily or fatty. It is better to have 5 to 6 smaller meals in comparison to 3 large ones. Fruits and vegetables are also good for your body and can be taken in raw or boiled form. You should also add 6 to 8 glasses of water to your routine throughout the day.

Avoid Using Toxic Products

Foods that contain toxins such as drugs, alcohol or food colors etc. should be avoided at all costs. They may lead to an unhealthy and abnormal baby and also harm the mother. If you are in a habit, it is best to tell your doctor the truth and get in touch with rehab facilities to detoxify your life from these elements so you can peacefully focus on the new chapter of your life.

Do Daily Exercises

Exercises are healthy for everyone. Be it men, women or even children. Being pregnant is no exemption, there may be a change in the routine or the duration but exercise is appreciated. During pregnancy, the body of a woman continuously undergoes changes. Exercise helps keep the movement high and keep the bones in shape. As time passes and the baby develops, more weight is to be carried by the mother on her shoulders and back. She needs to be prepared for it and exercises help in the process.

Kegel exercises are especially recommended as they focus largely on the pelvic bones and muscles which are most engaged. These support the uterus bladder and the bowels. They help during the delivery as well and are very low maintenance. No equipment or proper space is required and can be done anywhere anytime. You only need to squeeze your legs shut tight as in trying to hold the flow of urine and then release it after 3 seconds. This may be done many times.

Drink Plenty of Water and Stay Hydrated

A pregnant mother has not one but two bodies to take care of. She needs to eat as well as a drink for both. A dehydrated body itself gets tired and fatigued easily, one that has to support another human will definitely need constant hydration. Keeping an app on your phone that reminds you to drink water at a regular interval or a water bottle that is labeled helps with the reminder to drink water and reach the goal of drinking 6 to 8 glasses daily.

It helps prevent any bladder infections, hemorrhoids, and headaches. The placenta is also releasing waste and added carbon dioxide which needs to be ejected from the body through the natural process and can be done with high water and fiber content diet.

Be Sure to Get Plenty of Sleep

Proper and sound 6 to 8 hours of sleep itself keeps so many diseases and medical issues at bay. If you find it difficult to sleep at night, you may support your body with pillows that keep the body comfortable for you. A night of good sleep is highly essential and boosts the body with the required rest to replenish for the day mentally and physically. If you have backache or shoulder ache, you may try Sacroiliac Support Belt which will provide support to your sacroiliac joint and help you have a sound sleep at night.

Visit your Doctor Checkup Regularly

Visit your doctor, on time and on schedule. Taking doctor’s visits normal or easy may result in an unfortunate event or complexities during pregnancies that were unforeseen. A doctor may not take a test every time but will recommend changes in diet, exercise or eating habits to cater to any rising concerns you might have. A doctor is able to diagnose and prescribe vitamins or medications that may be necessary and can protect you from a difficult delivery process.


Prenatal care is all about the care that must be given to the mother during pregnancy. Eating a healthy diet and keeping an eye on vitamins and rich foods will all help a healthy pregnancy. The physical changes a mother undergoes are difficult and hence, prenatal care must be provided by those around the mother and support be extended to her in case of any difficulty she might be facing.

Mental and physical peace is only possible when the mother as well as those around her are all included in the process and play their role equally. Prenatal care is essential for a healthy pregnancy as well as the delivery process. It aids in the health of the baby and the basics must be told to the family members.

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