How to Prevent HIV-Use PrEP

You can take pride in being health conscious if you can protect yourself from catching HIV. Although HIV has been contained and the number of cases is reducing, the threat is still looming. While there’s no vaccination available to treat HIV, you can still keep yourself protected with ‘Free PrEP’.

Yes, you heard it right, safety in a small pill! Even if you are HIV-negative, taking a single pill daily can keep you safe from catching HIV by 99%. This tiny pill is worth the risk.

How effective is PrEP?

You may not understand this pill’s chemical composition of this pill but what may stick to your mind is that if you take it as prescribed, it reduces the risk of getting HIV by 99%. You may find PrEP shots available too, but these PrEP shots may not work appropriately for people injecting drugs.

Such as, you may not be able to drive safely until you follow traffic rules. Similarly, it will be least effective if you are not using PrEP as per prescription.

Why choose PrEP to Prevent HIV?

HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, has been a threat to many lives even to this date. No matter the advancements in medical science, there has been no proper treatment for eliminating HIV. However, PrEP has come up as the saviour for people to prevent HIV. PrEP, known as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, reduces a person’s risk of catching HIV.

You may not know when and how you might get into the trap of HIV. Of course, no one asks to get tested for HIV before getting on with a new partner. That’s the leading cause of the majority population with HIV positive apart from people who inject drugs.

Although PrEP is influential, people working as sex workers or even having same-sex partners, especially those injecting drugs, do not have enough information about this pill. That’s why HIV cases are still identified and not eradicated. You can now get this medication from ‘Free PrEP Online’.

Who’s a high risk of contracting HIV? 

People are at most risk of catching HIV when living or in a relationship with an HIV-positive person. Apart from this, most sex health workers, both males and females, also have HIV due to coming in contact with different people.

The sex workers or the people having sex with the same gender are at high risk. The sex health workers and the LGBT community face discriminatory behaviour from the medical healthcare workers who have reported it. Due to this, they have a mistrust the system. Reducing the number of HIV cases is only possible if people collectively as a community are rolling forward towards opting for safety.

Using condoms is not complete protection from HIV. What if it breaks? Once this virus enters your body, the only thing that may contain or even kill this virus is PrEP medicine. Moreover, even if you have participated in an injection drug treatment program, you are also prone to catching HIV.

Women and girls are at high risk and are mostly encouraged to check themselves for HIV or STI. HIV can be transmitted to an unborn child. You may not want your child to suffer from any illness; you can look for ‘Free PrEP’ on ‘PrEP Online’. Is it a hassle to get free PrEP medication? Not at all; you can get it for free in just a few clicks at your doorstep.

How can I get a prescription for PrEP?

You’ll need to make an appointment with your healthcare worker for a PrEP prescription. A healthcare provider will answer all your queries, address your concerns, assess your risk and help you understand how you can stay safe from HIV? Although, it’s not comfortable to talk about your sex life and priorities with your healthcare workers. But as healthcare workers are trained to be respectful toward your stance.

How much does PrEP cost?

Cost is mainly covered by insurance. No insurance? Worry not! You can still get your PrEP medication with the help of a co-pay coupon program; it will significantly reduce the total cost. After receiving a prescription for PrEP from your provider, you can apply for the co-pay coupon program online; after the process completes, you will receive your card through the mail. You need to present this card to the pharmacy to get yourself a refill of the prescription.

What are the Side effects of PrEP?

Everything has pros and cons, but in this case, PrEP comes with minimal side effects. You may experience these symptoms listed below; if you find yourself going through anything similar, there is no need to worry.

  • You may experience nausea or headache, which may go away in a month.
  • Some patients have reported kidney problems. But for, people taking PrEP are advised to get their kidneys tested every six months.
  • Decreased bone density is rare but is expected but can happen when the medication is completely stopped.

People taking it for five years have never reported any side effects when checked.


You can stay safe from catching HIV if you start taking PrEP medication when you are HIV negative. You can get Free PrEP by registering yourself with Free PrEP OnlineYour health is in your hands and hidden in this simple pill. Choose health over everything and make sure you keep people around you safe, healthy and safe.

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