5 Signs That It Is Time To Have Cataract Surgery

If your vision is cloudy from a cataract, your doctor might suggest surgery to remove the cornea of your eye. The artificial lens will be replaced with a clear one. It is an easy and safe procedure. You will be able to see it again.

It doesn’t always indicate that you need surgery for a cataract. Sometimes, you may not even notice any changes to your vision. Some people with this condition can see well even with prescription glasses. Others can use magnifying lenses or brighter lighting.

But cataracts can cause more symptoms. It is possible to have blurred, dimmed, or blurred vision. You could also have double sight if your eye is affected by the cataract. This can make it difficult for you to read, do computer work, or do other tasks that require clear eyesight.

You might have poor evening vision which could make it more difficult to drive at night. You may be sensitive to the glare coming from headlights. A driver’s license can be canceled if you have advanced cataracts.

Cataracts could make you more sensitive to the sun’s glare. A halo may appear when you’re near bright lights. This can prevent you from getting outside as much or as often as possible. It also makes it more difficult for you to participate in some sports, such as golf and skiing.

These Are All Possible Signs That Surgery May Help.

Even if your cataracts don’t bother you, sometimes you may have to have surgery. If your cataract is large enough that it blocks the eyes, your doctor may suggest surgery.

Did you realize that even early cataracts can be managed? When they cause vision loss severe, cataracts should be removed. How do you know you are ready to have a cataract operation?

You can only tell if you are on the right track by having an eye doctor monitor your progress. There are many signs to indicate that you may need cataract surgery phoenix Arizona. Keep reading to learn more about what you should watch out for.

  • Harder To See In The Dark

Driving at night becomes more difficult when you have cataracts. Your cataracts can make driving at night more challenging.

Reading, for example, may become more difficult. A bright light will be required to see the words on the pages when your cataracts have developed fully. This could indicate that cataract surgery is something you should seriously consider.

  • Light Sensitivity

A cataract can make it difficult to see in the dark. Exposure to bright light or interior lighting can cause you pain.

This is more common for people who have cataracts growing at the back of their eyes.

  • Yellow Hue

If you have cataracts, your vision may become yellowish or brown. This means you will be unable to see as well as your vision becomes blurred.

It could indicate that you’re ready for surgery.

  • Halos

Because cataracts block certain light portions, halos may appear around light sources. This is usually seen around street lamps and/or headlights. Halos combined with night vision problems make driving more dangerous.

Halos can blind you from oncoming traffic. Don’t drive if your safety is not at stake. Ask your eye doctor if you should consider cataract surgery.

  • Double Vision

Double vision, or cataracts, can cause halos around lights. Double vision happens when your lens becomes cloudy.

Driving at night when you have double vision and halos is scary! This can be confusing and distracting. It could indicate that you will soon need surgery.

Cataract Surgery Basics

After talking with your eye physician, you’ll agree on a date and time for cataract surgery. This is an outpatient procedure so you can go home the same day.

The goal of cataract surgery involves removing the lens from the eyes. After the lens is removed, it is replaced with an artificial intraocular camera.

What To Expect During Cataract Surgery

The recovery process from cataract surgery may take several months. This is when you will receive specific instructions on how to look after your eyes. Follow them as your eyes are likely to be very weak after the surgery.

Your doctor is the only one who can determine if you are ready for surgery.

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