Communication in sports practice

At this time, one can already speak of the level of formal thinking. This means that even in most virtual cases we can formally discuss rule awareness until the rule is implemented. On the other hand, Piaget also refers to the notion of rules or the theoretical or reflective knowledge of them to establish the three separate stages. The beginning of the recognition of rules is due to the moral life of the child as a whole. Also, the regulations have not been previously implemented because mandatory regulations are not considered.

If according to game level

It is solely an individual sport based on individual rites Menstruation between the ages of 5 and 9-10 is considered sacred and insignificant, and it is adult and eternal in nature. By observing and exchanging words, he wants to play with rules from abroad. And I consider the rules of 스포츠중계 to be sacred and meaningless as a child begins to copy the rules of others, regardless of the ego of the actual game.

Then he changes the rules and refuses to change,

Even if the majority agrees, it is a mistake. Children follow more or less complete and consciously defined rules, but are somewhat heterogeneous in terms of subject consciousness. This doesn’t really change their behavior. Therefore, children keep this rule sacred, even if they don’t actually follow it. This respect for the rules of the game mimics those practiced by adults because it is indicative of adult pressure rather than cooperation.

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Piaget believes that cooperation can only be born between equals, and through this process the practical attitude of the child changes and the mystery of rights disappears.

Increase the level of cooperation

Children no longer deny the mystery of authority. Ten years later, however, the rule is considered law by mutual consent. In other words, you have the right to change public opinion while it remains mobilized.

Autonomy follows the previous level of humility

These rules are no longer presented to children as sacred external laws unless they are established by adults, but are the result of free judgment and deserve mutual agreement and respect. After that, the child stops thinking that the rules are eternal and are passed down from generation to generation in exactly the same way. That is why we accept all rule changes as long as they are approved by all.

Rules are gradually set on the initiative of children in addition to adults. How rules disappear outside children depends only on the free will of the group. Through this process, you will learn the reasons behind the law. And rules are a necessary condition of consent for him. And this autonomy leads to greater respect for the rules. Thus appears a truly political and democratic meaning, the existence of free thought. While all proposals are worth exploring, the majority of innovations need to be convinced.

Teaching is facilitated by the teaching of classification, sorting, ordering to acquire the concepts of time and space, numerical concepts consistent with mathematical thinking. This allows you to develop logical thinking, to anticipate the views of others.

Because it is a repetitive game, it can develop sequential memories.

One of the most important benefits of play in child development is that it acts as a social tool, teaching boys and girls to win and lose, to respect twists and turns, and to consider the value of their partners’ events or tasks.

This is the perfect scenario where they learn and understand that there can only be one winner in every game and it takes getting used to getting over the frustration of losing. As a result, they gradually learn to control their behavior, learn to share with their peers, and learn to be kind to everyone involved in this game.

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