How to Start a Business: the definitive Guide to your Success

When starting a business we need a great adventurous spirit that drives us to take the leap, but we also require any possible help that will guide us because the path can be full of uncertainty.

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Undoubtedly, your own business will be the one that makes you grow as an entrepreneur and as a person, but it never hurts to prepare yourself before taking on this lifestyle full of challenges that is entrepreneurship.

For this reason, we have prepared this planning sample for you, the most complete to undertake with advice, articles and other support that we are sure will help you better prepare your path. Enjoy it, apply it and show the world what you are capable of!

If the idea of ​​undertaking has already come to you, it is likely that you will not stop until that idea becomes a way of life for you because, think of something important: undertaking requires your passion and creativity, but also your commitment and perseverance to do turn your idea into a profitable business.

Check out this article in which we talk about the importance of developing your business idea well, that will be one of your first big steps.

What you need to start your business

In addition to the business idea, let’s talk about other elements that will give body and shape to your venture.

A business name that works. Whether for a physical business or online, the name of your business provides added value and will be part of what your customer will recognize. We leave you this article with 200 attractive names for businesses to inspire you.

Financial capital. You will need to have money available to undertake. We recommend you to have a specific support capital. You can review the government support to start a business in this post.

A defined business model. It can be a traditional business model or you can use one of the most used internet business models to map all the resources you need.

Meet the requirements of the SAT and the government. Take into account that you will need to register with the Treasury to issue invoices, process permits —if your business will be physical—, and notify you of the opening of your establishment. Do not lose sight of this point and carefully read the information on the SAT portal to find out what is required.

Define your primary resources. By this we mean that you think about what you will need in addition to an idea and capital. A primary resource, if you opt for an internet business, can be your online store; If it is a physical business, you should think about the location, the type of premises, warehouse or vehicle that you will need to move your products. Look at the Small Business Coach option for the creation and administration of your online store and the applications it includes, it may be a good option to keep in mind.

It is recommended that you think that these are the first elements to start, but not the only ones, read on and discover more steps to achieve a successful venture.

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