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We’re seeking passionate paid guest posting writers to join Insteading. We’re currently seeking:

Instructional and How-to posts
Guides and “Introduction to [topic]” posts
Curated articles or resource pages
Other formats that are approved
If you’re interested, review the guidelines below for contributors review our guidelines for writers and submit the writer Application application.

Our writers generally belong to two categories:

1 — Writing For Us Because You Love Writing & Homesteading:

For those who contribute on a regular basis but aren’t actively promoting any product or service We offer an honorarium of $50 for blogs that have been accepted to write.

We also have a small amount of slots available for regular writers who we pay on a monthly basis . generally, these slots will be reserved to writers with whom we’ve worked with several occasions in the recent past.

2. Guest Posting for Us Because We Promoting Something

If you’re interested in writing an paid guest posting as a guest for us but don’t wish to get paid, but you’d like to add hyperlinks to something you’re advertising If so, we’ve got high standards of quality for the kind of work you’re looking for.

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This usually applies to the following kinds of writers:

You work for or own a company and you are using your blog to promote your business.
You have a blog and sells courses, ebooks, services, or any other form of revenue in addition to banner advertisements.
You are a part of an agency that promotes marketing and you promote the client.
To be precise the content should be superior writing than what we typically write for our readers. Additionally, your personal biases as well as any conflicts of interest have to be disclosed in a reasonable manner.

What is the best thing about a post? on Rather:

You should read other’s guidelines regarding good guest posts to gain an idea of what constitutes an outstanding post. We generally want to read the following information from guest blogs:

Be thorough. Our best posts contain between 1000 and 2000 words or more
Create it to be Educational Don’t try to sell products here.
Make it practical and relevant Make it relevant to our readers. Include lots of tips and tricks.
Show, Don’t Say — Include unique or customized images that aren’t used elsewhere, in video or other forms of media.
Write clearly — Use an application such as Hemingway app even if you’re not an experienced writers (most of us don’t).
Prove It — make use of a variety of helpful and well-known sources, which include additional content on Insteading and other sites on the internet
Relevant to Your Experience Write about subjects that you’ve had direct experience with Do not submit your post about how to create aquariums if you’ve not actually attempted it.

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Email us. We will take several days to respond.

Go to the blog to see the different kinds of technical content we publish.

And then, email us using the following details:

  1. A short cover letter that says hello and describing the kinds of topics you’d prefer to talk about.
  2. Two articles on a particular aspect of development for applications that you’ve written you are proud of. Blog posts that link to your blog are acceptable.

When we read the sample pieces We will be searching for:

  • Does the author have the ability to make complex concepts appear easy?
  • Does the language used sound in a clear and concise manner?
  • Does the style of writing appear comfortable? It’s like something I’d want to take my time reading?

If you appear to be the right match We’ll schedule a phone call to discuss how we can collaborate.


  • Give us up to one week to respond to your first email.
  • Do not contact anyone through other channels than email.

To obtain an email account, put the following into an IRB console

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