Acu-hump Review: This Muscle Release Tool Presses My Butt

Fast Facts 

The Acu-hump is a muscle massage tool designed to release your hip and butt muscles.

The butt is actually key to maintaining proper alignment and stability for the upper and lower body, and are commonly the source of lower back and leg pain issues.

The tool, which costs $90, is perfect for those who want to solve their piriformis issues with self-massage.

How Does This Weird Thing Relieve Piriformis 

If you’re like me, you love running. It’s a great way to stay in shape and clear your head. For all of the runners out there, I’m sure that logging miles can be improving our fitness levels or sharpen up new techniques.

Unfortunately for us though…logging miles consistently is a common cause of this piriformis injury. There’s piriformis syndrome (also known as ” Prizes”) which is an injury commonly caused by overusing this muscle group!!! Or have you had to deal with it before and know how painful this can be for runners like me.

I’ve been dealing with piriformis syndrome for the last two years and it’s been absolutely debilitating. I’ve tried everything from physical therapy to the tennis ball, but nothing has given me lasting relief. So when I saw this $90 piriformis release tool that claimed to be a cure for piriformis syndrome, I was intrigued.

What Is The Acu-hump 

The Acu-hump is a piriformis release tool designed to simultaneously deliver multiple pressure points released from the muscles, relieving pain and dysfunction from the lower back to the buttock.

This tool is inspired by the massage techniques of masseuses. This one has 14 pressure point nubs, each designed for a specific purpose – designed to be able to press on acupuncture points and muscles on both sides of the body, and provides a gentle stretch that most massage tools cannot. It is especially good at releasing butt muscles.

The buttocks are important for the upper and lower body. The buttocks help to stabilize the hips and pelvis, and they provide a surface for the muscles of the lower back and legs to attach to. Health buttocks can also help to improve posture and prevent lower body pain.

Acu-hump’s only $90 (which seems like quite a bit). But the makers of the Acu-hump think it might save you money in the long run. See a chiropractor when your body hurts, or get physical therapy and/or masseur therapy! The purpose of this tool is to allow users quick relief from pain by addressing issues at home rather than visiting an actual doctor’s office which can be expensive as well as time-consuming

especially if there are other things going on with your lives that require attention too (like work! vacation etcetera).

cu-hump Review
cu-hump Review

My Experience With The Acu-hump 

I’ve only had the Acu-hump for 2 weeks, but I’m already feeling some mild relief. I used it on my yoga mat and presses it below my back, focusing especially on my painful side. The tool is sturdy and accesses deep pressure points like nothing else I’ve tried massage gun. It hurts, but I hope the results will be worth it.

If you’re struggling with piriformis syndrome, I would highly recommend giving this device a try. It’s helped me more than anything else I’ve tried, and it’s a lot less convenient than therapist service. Belonging to your own buttocks is more important than money. So, take action now!

How To Use The Acu-hump 

Paper instructions and website presentations range from general usage to individual exercises for each painful area. After browsing, I put together a few moves that I think are the best way.

  1. Relax the lower body

Different muscles are linked together. When you run, walk, or sit, we are using both the hip and back muscles. So, you could place it on your lower back first, and supine as you would sleep. And then every 3 minutes, would move it a little in the direction of your buttock. The purpose of this is to get each area pressed and gently stretched.

  1. Massage buttock

After a warm-up (lower body relaxation exercise), you would sit on it -then tilt your body slightly, leaning your weight to the left, hold for 30 seconds – and then tilt to the right. You could loop for 3 minutes.

  1. Stretch lower back

The great thing about this pose is that it targets all your lower back muscles, as well as stretching out those hip flexors and psoas. So not only will you be able to feel relief from tension in these areas but also increased flexibility!

Get ready for some serious bliss after doing 3 minutes’ worth of stretches:

Put it on the lower back, bend and close the legs, and lower both legs to the left side of the floor at the same time, hold for 15 seconds – bring your legs back until they are in line with your body and hold for 15 seconds. Then do it to the right, and repeat the process.

Note: While using, please pause if you feel you are in pain rather than relief. The tighter your muscles are, the more uncomfortable you will feel when using the Acu-hump. You need time to adapt.

Should You Buy the Acu-hump 

If you’ve used foam rollers and tennis balls to no avail. If you also have frequent issues with your lower back, hips, and hips that other massagers can’t fix. The Acu-Hump could be the answer you’ve been looking for to get rid of them once and for all!

If you can stick with it every day, I think $90 is reasonable. Frankly, it’s hard to be pain-free without giving. You may have been putting up with your pain for too long, so try it now.

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