Testosterone replacement therapy and its positive effects on males over 21

When a man feels excessively tired and has a low libido, he may need testosterone replacement. See in this post how to do it. So Canadian Steroids clarify everything about Testosterone replacement therapy.

How to replace testosterone?

While testosterone replacement in women is already a well-known treatment from the onset of menopause, in men, testosterone replacement is recommended when hormone levels are below averageThis index will be slightly different for each medical association, but generally when the numbers are below 300 ng/dL.

This condition is known as hypogonadism. But this interpretation must always be made by a specialist because if the levels are a little higher and the patient has symptoms, the free testosterone and the estradiol/testosterone ratio, among others, are also evaluated.

When levels are low, replacement is needed as this is the primary male sex hormone. Already at puberty, it will determine muscle strength, the appearance of body hair, the deepening of voice, organ development sexual and reproductive functions.

Testosterone peaks in adolescence and early adulthood, but after age 40, testosterone levels drop 1-2% each year. which can lead to several symptoms, some of which are already mentioned above: fatigue, irritability, discouragement, memory, and cognition problems, increased abdominal fat, decreased sexual desire, and even in some cases, impotence.

More symptoms of low testosterone

  • Indisposition;
  • Mood swings;
  • The Depression;
  • Sleep changes (daytime sleepiness/insomnia)
  • Increased abdominal fat;
  • Loss of muscle mass (decreased physical capacity, strength, athletic performance, decreased muscle recovery after physical activity);
  • Loss of bone mass;
  • Anemia;
  • Decreased spontaneous erections;
  • Decreased ejaculatory volume and orgasms;
  • Decreased morning erections;
  • Hot flushes (hot flushes)

If you facing these symptoms you need replacement therapy and you can easily Buy Canadian Steroids that help you to enjoy your life again.

Benefits of testosterone therapy for males over 21

Hormone therapy with testosterone can help reverse the effects of hypogonadism.

In real life, no one is old enough to start hormone replacement. The criterion used is the presence of symptoms, which add a low testosterone level in the blood test, and the absence of contraindications.

When a man chooses to perform the Testosterone Replacement Treatment, he may notice a big difference in his overall condition, from physical to behavioral, such as a return of physical disposition, well-being, l improved mood, cognition, and quality of sleep.

Many patients will have the perception that testosterone replacement is weight loss, as it will produce a decrease in abdominal fat and an increase in muscle and bone mass. Hormone replacement will even help the results of patients who adopt diets.

In elderly patients, the increase in bone mass is highly beneficial because, over time, there is a risk of loss of bone density, which can lead to osteoporosis and generate more falls and fractures in the patient.

Testosterone replacement therapy: how to do it?

A male testosterone replacement can be accomplished by applying transdermal, injectable, and subcutaneous gel implants. There is no single answer to the best testosterone replacement medication. The doctor should always prescribe the testosterone replacement drugs most suitable for this patient, with individualized doses, according to their needs.

Already male testosterone injectable replacement can be medium or long-lasting. In the case of medium-term treatment, with the drug Testosterone Cypionate, applications are on average every two weeks but may have shorter intervals depending on the patient’s needs.

In the case of long-term treatment, the remedy is Testosterone Undecanoate, which must be applied every two or three months.

A subcutaneous implant can be placed in any part of the body so that the hormone is gradually released. All treatments have their pros and cons. The main advantage is to see the disappearance of several unpleasant symptoms from the start of treatment.

On the other hand, the daily use of the gel can be uncomfortable for some patients, while the injections can generate painful discomfort in others at the time of application.

Before opting for treatments, you must clear all doubts with your doctor.


If you want to know which doctor does the testosterone replacement, remember that this treatment is carried out by the urologist/andrologist, a specialty also responsible for treating male sexual problems. However, those who adopt this new habit can enjoy many benefits and avoid many health problems.

Moreover, it should remember that healthy habits can also prevent an early drop in testosterone in the male body. It’s always worth taking care of yourself!



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