Seven Days and over 100 Thousand New Cases

In areas that have 200 new cases over seven days and beyond per 100,000. Throughout the world, people are also advised to stay indoors without having to leave. Exceptions include, shopping at Christmas, sports, a doctor’s appointment and schooling and working. For Christmas, there will still be a scheduled relaxation of the rules permitting 10 people from many households to meet between 23 December and 26 December, but a similar New Year relaxation will be abrogated. WASHINGTON — Sunday he is optimistic that the Food & Drug Administration would approve the vaccine for coronavirus from the pharmaceutical firm Pfizer by a top medical advisor in President Donald Trump’s administration.

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ADHD – ADHD was formerly called ADD, or attention deficit disorder. Both children and adults can have ADHD, but the symptoms always begin in childhood.  

ADHD – ADHD was formerly called ADD, or attention deficit disorder. Both children and adults can have ADHD, but the symptoms always begin in childhood.


The FDA officials meet on Thursday and it can be approved almost immediately for the examination of the Pfizer vaccine.

“Based on the data I am aware of, I hope the FDA will make a good decision, but it is their decision of course,” said Operation Warp Speed Chief Consultant Moncef Slaoui to CBS “Face the Nation.”

However, Deborah Birx, the coordinator of the White House covid task force, cautioned the Americans not to let the guard down.

Birx, speaking on “Meet the Press” at NBC, noted that over one hundred million Americans had already suffered from curing conditions and were put at great risk by the virus.

For months, a majority of citizens would not be vaccinated.

“I want Americans to be very honest,” said Birx.

“It’s vital,  this vaccine, but it won’t safeguard us from the wave. We can only save ourselves from this onslaught and we know just what to do.”

WASHINGTON—On the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine, the top official of the Trump administration called President-elect Joé Biden “nonsense.” Biden said on Friday that “There is no detailed plan, we have seen how the vaccines can be separated from a tube into syringes and injected into a human.” Alex Azar, Secretary for Health & Human Services, talked to ‘Fox News Sunday,’ “This is all just plain nonsense, with all due respect,” he stated.

Azar claimed that the mechanism is “micromanaged and controlled by the U.S. military,” exploiting retail pharmacies, local and state governments and domestic shipping networks.

The first vaccine will be accepted by Food & Drug Admin in the coming week The first immunizations could be approved 24-36 hours after receipt by the Trump administration.

BERLIN — Mass coronavirus tests were halted by many communities of Austrian Alps, and other communities were encouraged to do so as large quantities of snow were dumped and avalanche alarmed.

Around 70 cm (27.5 inches of snow were observed in the province of Tirol overseas from Friday to Saturday, with 110 cm (43 inches) hopes of additional snowfall on Sunday, the APA news agency of Austria reported.

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In eastern Tyrol, after trees dismantled power lines, 500 households were without electricity, avalanche alert was the strongest at level 5.

Various East Tyrol areas have delayed monitoring for viruses.

Austria launched a voluntary mass screening program on Friday which officials hope will avoid potential long and serious lockdowns.

In Vienna as also in the western provinces of Vorarlberg and Tyrol, rapid antigen tests began.

In 2 days, about three hundred thousand people from almost nine million Austrians have been checked.

The government hopes to have screened several million by mid-December.

LONDON The American drug company Pfizer and BioNTech  from Germany developed a vaccine for coronavirus  and sent them on Sunday in cold containers to all hospitals in the United Kingdom. Two days prior to the launch of the Uk ’s largest ever immunization campaign, which is being watched carefully around the globe.   

Roughly eight hundred thousand doses of the vaccine will be in place until the launch begins on Tuesday , the day which was  allegedly called the “V Day,” by Matt Hancock, Britain’s Health Secretary in  a reference to victory during World War II.  

Prof Stephen Powis, National medical director of NHS England, said “Despite massive difficulties hospitals will begin the first stage of the largest vaccination campaign in the world in our country’s history, on Tuesday.

The United Kingdom this week permitted  The Pfizer-BioNtech emergency vaccine and is now the first country to be approve its use. In studies, the vaccine showed an efficacy of about 95%. Starting Tuesday, about Fifty hospital centers in England will administer vaccinations. The day will also start the vaccination roll-ups in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

The British vaccine program will be tracked by governments and public health authorities across the globe to detect its strengths and shortcomings and to change its action plans accordingly.

MOSCOW — The daily average pandemic spike in Russia was reported Sunday with 29,039 newly reported cases by the country’s authorities.

Russia continues to have the 4th largest number of covid patients in the world with more than 2.4 million recorded infections. Russia has recorded 43,141 deaths from viruses.

Russia was swept away this fall by a virus resurgence, with infections and casualties that are recorded daily far greater than those registered in spring. However the Russian authorities rejected the possibility of another domestic lockdown or of a general business closure.

On Saturday, the “large-scale” COVID-19 vaccine, which is still under advanced study to determine its efficacy and safety, was launched in Russia by President Vladimir Putin.  Physicians and teachers would be among the first to be vaccinated.

Sputnik V was given for a few months to medical staff even when the vaccine was already undergoing advanced studies. Many top Russian officials said that the requisite two jabs had already been received. This week the Russian army started vaccinating crews of maritime ships intended for a missions departure.

On Wednesday, Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko stated that in Russia upwards of 100,000 people got the shots.

CAIRO—The Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt has been suspending the Sunday service for a month now, due to the spread of coronavirus among the faithful in Alexandria and  the capital city, Cairo.

All other events inside the Coptic Orthodox Churches have been included in this measure, effective Monday.

Christians make up about 10 percent of over 100 million population, in majorly Muslim dominated Egypt.

Egypt, the most populated country in the Arab world, has faced a growing number of cases of coronavirus, with officials warning of the new wave. Egypt registered a total of 431 reported cases on Saturday. There have also been 18 suicides.

Overall, upwards of 118,000 reported cases have been recorded in Egypt, which include 6,750 fatalities, but current cases are considerably higher.

The new laws that will be effective from midnight in Southern California,  San Francisco Bay Area, and a wide area in Central Valley now forbids households from gathering people from outside of their families. 

The initiatives are important for public health authorities, since space is dwindling in ICUs in California and most of the Centre.

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