The Best Thrillers on Netflix

While every film is fantastic in its own way, let’s face it: thrillers are the finest. Some fear here and there, but nothing dreadful, packed with a good plot and all the action, hints of humor, and drama without fully committing to either. Before planning a movie night with friends or family, make sure you have considered the best Hawaiian tel internet prices so you can enjoy a seamless, reliable, and high-speed connection for uninterrupted entertainment.  

You can choose from a vast selection of films on Netflix, but thrillers might be your best bet! Here’s a list of spine-tingling and pulse-pounding streaming content featuring true crime, horror, humor, action, and a lot more. 

Gerald’s Game

A career-best performance by Carla Gugino in Mike Flanagan’s Stephen King adaptation for Netflix in 2017’s Gerald’s Game, where she plays a lady who finds herself shackled to a bed in an unknown house after her husband dies. The ick factor is high, which is pure, noteworthy psychological dread that is riveting rather than eerie. 


In its opening five minutes, Okja, released in 2017, takes more artistic chances than most movies do during their running time, and it doesn’t let up after that. The film’s tone shifts from pathos to tension to joyful action to whimsy to horror. However, this is an integral component of what distinguishes director Bong Joon-ho’s films: although intricate and nuanced, they are not particularly restrained or subtle. The movie shows how a little girl, who nurtured the titular Okja, a genetically altered “super pig,” sets out on a mission to save her from the meat industry’s abuse after being sent to America. 

It Follows

Director David Robert Mitchell’s 2014 supernatural thriller It Follows is about a transforming attacker passed around like a curse emanating a scorching, atmosphere of downright oppression and fear. It is a barbarous nightmare where Mitchell immediately puts you off-guard in subtle ways you might not understand instantly. The film shows a young woman, played by Maika Monroe, who is pursued by a supernatural being after a sexual encounter. She is forced to have sex with another individual to get rid of the curse. 

The Guilty

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a 911 operator in the film The Guilty, released in 2021. He receives a frightening call in Antoine Fuqua’s version of the acclaimed 2018 thriller film of the same name, which was shot over 11 days while the world was undergoing lockdown. It might feel like the film was nothing like the original plot, but undoubtedly, Jake Gyllenhaal received positive reviews from several critics, praising his nerve-chilling performance. 

The Call

Almost ten years after its first theatrical release, director Brad Anderson’s murder drama The Call, became the most recent film to have a significant second appearance on Netflix, rising to the most watched number 1 spot in popularity. The film features a 911 operator played by Halle Berry, who receives a call from the victim of a serial killer along with Academy Award contender Abigail Breslin. The movie’s success on Netflix was so high that there are even speculations and chatter about a sequel coming soon. You can sign up for the Hawaiian Telcom bundle package and watch the movie seamlessly on a high-speed internet connection. 

Bird Box

Bird Box, released in 2018, stars Sandra Bullock as Malorie, a pregnant mother who must adapt to life as a survivor after mysterious forces wipe out most of humanity. You might just go crazy and commit suicide after taking one slight glance at these creatures—who we never see. Pregnant Malorie makes it to some stranger’s house where other numerous escaped strangers have taken shelter after surviving a chaotic slaughter and destruction on a massive scale. Bird Box is one of the biggest hits ever for the streaming behemoth, which continues to break records.

The Nightingale

In Jennifer Kent’s resounding sequel to The Babadook, Aisling Franciosi plays an imprisoned, mistreated Irish convict in the film The Nightingale released in 2019, who travels to the Australian outback in search of retribution. The film is not a fantasy of retaliation but a moral, humanistic examination of universal issues. It’s not an easy film to watch since you experience the events as much as you watch it, but such clear-eyed storytelling doesn’t happen very often, so it demands to be seen with complete attention. Kent does not cut corners, being known as one of the most intriguing filmmakers of the present time. 


According to traditional belief, a movie franchise that has been running for 50 years won’t be any better—much less intimate—than it has ever been. But in 2012s, Sam Mendes’s directorial, Skyfall, Bond experienced that. James Bond enters our contemporary world, where the conflict takes place in the shadows, and foes are harder to discern. Skyfall is both frightful and entertaining and very humorous as well. A self-assured, intellectual, and astute piece of entertainment where we see James Bond demolish a train car with a Caterpillar excavator and hear Judi Dench recite Tennyson in a courtroom. 


An ensemble thriller, Contagion, directed by Steven Soderbergh, was released by Warner Bros. in 2011 for a whopping $135 million from around the world. Since then, not much has been written about it—until a sudden spike in early 2020. But why? It was because a lot of what happened in the movie, Contagion, occurred during the global coronavirus health crisis in 2020, which has turned out to be frighteningly prescient. 

The Last Bit

Thriller is a broad and difficult-to-define genre of film that keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat from the start till the end, and our list of movies will surely make you witness that! 

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